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9 Nov, 2021 11:25

WATCH: NFL fans plunge face-first down stairs after getting KO’d in wild brawl… before one gets stomped on

WATCH: NFL fans plunge face-first down stairs after getting KO’d in wild brawl… before one gets stomped on

A wild brawl in the stands at an NFL game saw one punter cheering on the visiting team thrust down a flight of stairs and someone else's neck stamped on while he lay grounded, as fan trouble this season resumed.

Not even two months into the current campaign, the So-Fi stadium in Los Angeles has already played host to scuffles between supporters of the two teams who call it home, the Chargers and Rams, and those visiting to cheer on the likes of the Las Vegas Raiders, Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys.

On Sunday, the Tennessee Titans were in town to play the Rams in one of the games of the weekend given the pair were 6-2 and 7-1 respectively before kick-off.

But during the clash that finished 28-16 to the visitors, emotions spilled over in the rafters and some fans were unable to control themselves. 

In a clip already watched close to 350,000 times, a Rams fan is seen tussling with one of his own number and a Titans enthusiast.

As he grapples with the former, he lands a swift right on the latter who goes head first down the concrete stairs while tossed further along by another member of the crowd as the camera follows his descent.

As the amateur director pans back up, the man knocks out his fellow Rams lover too, who is also stepped on while grounded, and the victors of the brawl head up the gangway to possibly evade problems with security and the police.

Online, onlookers were generally appalled with one saying that they couldn't believe "dude stepped off the back of the guy's head/neck like that".

Others compared this to an infamous scene in neo-Nazi flick 'American History X', as it was also put forward how stupid it had been for the attacker to perform the act apparently in a custom jersey with his surname emblazoned across the shoulders. 

Another aspect to the discussion saw commenters arguing amongst themselves as to why bystanders watched on idly. 

"Instead of using your phone to video the brawl, how about stepping in and separating those brawling before a dude gets his head stepped on!?!?" it was asked.

"Why should someone step in and risk getting themselves injured because these dudes can’t go to a game and act like adults?" read a reply.

Disturbingly, comparisons were drawn to a recent incident in Philadelphia when a woman was raped on a train and witnesses did nothing to help while allegedly recording on their phones.

Regarding the stomper, his days as a matchgoing Rams fan and electrician lineman could be numbered after he and the company he works for were apparently identified by internet detectives. 

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