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4 Nov, 2021 13:50

Clash of the tiny titans: UFC ‘offers $1.5MN’ for bout between Russian viral star Hasbulla and world's smallest singer Abdu Rozik

Clash of the tiny titans: UFC ‘offers $1.5MN’ for bout between Russian viral star Hasbulla and world's smallest singer Abdu Rozik

A scrap between the two smallest UFC fighters in history has moved a step closer after promotion president Dana White confirmed he had held productive talks and a camp insider claimed a bid of $1.5 million has been made.

Diminutive Dagestani Hasbulla Magomedov enhanced his already substantial profile when he was ringside at UFC 267 on Saturday, entering the cage and being held aloft by ex-champion Khabib Nurmagomedov after their teammate, Islam Makhachev, drubbed Dan Hooker.

Matchmaker White had confirmed in the build-up to the event that he was looking forward to holding talks with Hasbulla, meeting the social media sensation on 'Fight Island' in Abu Dhabi.

It became increasingly clear that those talks may have centered on pitting 'Mini Khabib' against Rozik, not least because the tiny Tajik crooner confronted Hasbulla by the cage during a dramatic evening of action that did not end in the octagon.

In a video that has already earned almost ten million views, Hasbulla and Rozik can be seen being held apart by minders when they attempted to attack each.

Hasbulla even appears to land a kick on irate Tajik, increasing his rival's determination to reach him despite being thwarted by several figures stopping him from firing in a shot.

Mimicking Nurmagomedov's iconic threat, Hasbulla has urged Tajik to "send me location" for a clash of the not-so-titans.

For his part, the suited Tajik looked stern as he held up what seemed to be a fight contract and a message to Hasbulla written in ink on paper.

"Can you read this?" he asked Hasbulla. "Sign the contract – stop talking so much. Can you tell me your actual talent? Are you following me on Instagram?"

The vast combined followings each adversary boasts on the social media platform is sure to have raised White's interest.

While Hasbulla's impressively large audience of more than a million regularly watches him hang out with Nurmagomedov, other top fighters, leading international dignitaries and celebrities, Tajik is one of the few people who can command an even greater crowd, counting more than 1.6 million followers.

Ever the ready businessman, White told Barstool that the video he sent to 18-year-old Hasbulla is "the biggest I've ever posted".

"I have 6.7 million followers. Six point four million people watched that video. Is that f*cking crazy?

"Incredible. I love the kid. There is a more-than-zero-percent chance [Hasbulla will fight for the UFC], yes."

The man perhaps most likely to have knowledge of what White may have planned has now confirmed that a deal is on the table.

Tamaev Asxab, a stacked MMA fighter known as the 'Russian KGB Hulk', is the promoter behind a face-off video that showed Hasbulla and Rozik earlier this year.

Accompanying his words with a photo of himself holding Rozik, Hasbulla's representative told his own Instagram following of more than five million:  "Friends, I greet you.

"A couple of days ago, we met with Abdu Rozik. He is completely ready for battle.

"But there is more interesting news. Dana is ready to buy an event with Hasbik and Abdu Rozik for $1.5 million. I want to hear your opinion."

Writing after the fight was apparently scuppered in August, Asxab said: "Very often, the question begins to come: When will the battle between [Hasbulla] and Abdu Rozik take place?

"'Someone' let us down, but these are trifles. If suddenly Hasbulla is ready, Abdu Rozik and I are ready.

"My main goal was to please our little brothers and you. Now they have already become millionaires in three or four months.

"I am very happy for them and wish them health and long life. That's it, period."

Rozik said of Hasbulla on Saturday: "I did everything clearly. He ran away like a little girl. Mission accomplished."

UFC sensation Khamzat Chimaev, who won his latest fight in brutal style, was among the top stars to applaud Rozik's message in the comments section.

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