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31 Oct, 2021 19:02

‘I won’t say if you’ll see me there’: Medvedev praises Djokovic, keeps vaccination status close to chest amid Aus Open uncertainty

‘I won’t say if you’ll see me there’: Medvedev praises Djokovic, keeps vaccination status close to chest amid Aus Open uncertainty

Russian world number two Daniil Medvedev has rejected calls to reveal his Covid vaccination status, saying the issue is private and that it would effectively become clear by the time of the Australian Open.

Medvedev, 25, is currently in France as he prepares to defend his Paris Masters title.

The Russian was pressed on the issue of vaccination in a Zoom call with journalists on Sunday.

The issue has become an increasingly contentious one for some tennis players in light of ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Australian Open in January, where officials have given mixed messages as to whether unvaccinated stars will be allowed to feature.

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Even if they are, they would be subject to a two-week period of hard quarantine on arriving in Australia – something many believe would effectively make it untenable for unvaccinated players to compete.   

"Look I want to play there," US Open champion Medvedev said on Sunday, the AFP reported.

"I always said I really like Novak's [Djokovic] answer which is I want to keep my medical [records], no matter if it is a head or leg injury, private.”

Serbian 20-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic said during the earlier stages of the pandemic that he did not plan to get vaccinated, but has since not commented on his status.

On his own stance, Medvedev added on Sunday: “That is for a reason as tennis is such a brutal sport where you are always one on one with your opponent and any information you give him can go against you.

“I decided at one point to keep my medical information private unless it is obvious.

“So for example if you are playing Australia you are clearly vaccinated.

“I am willing to play in Australia, but I won't say if you will see me there in January.”

A leaked email shared with women’s WTA stars last week suggested that unvaccinated players would be allowed into the country but only under stringent quarantine circumstances, while fully jabbed stars would have complete freedom of movement.

However, the premier of the state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has since asserted that he will not be applying for exemptions for unvaccinated players to appear at the Melbourne showpiece, meaning they would be barred. 

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