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23 Oct, 2021 11:54

Premier League star and wife ‘tied up in robbery by machete-wielding masked thugs’

Premier League star and wife ‘tied up in robbery by machete-wielding masked thugs’

An unnamed Premier League star and his wife were tied up by machete-wielding masked thugs as part of a terrifying robbery and invasion at their home during the recent international break, according to reports.

Watching his teammates play for their countries on TV as his wife took a bath, the star was said to have been targeted by four men entered the £1.5 million ($2 million) property by smashing a glass door.

Then dragging the player around his house, the criminals ransacked it for watches, jewelry and electronic goods while the pair were tied up, according to The Sun

A source told the paper: "It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. He was pretty brave and did his best, but he was outnumbered and they were pretty aggressive.

"The player lives a pretty low-profile life off the pitch, so he was shocked to be targeted. He doesn’t flash his wealth and enjoys being as normal as possible."

"Entry was forced to the property and jewelry, along with other household items, were stolen. Inquiries are ongoing,” police said, while it has also been reported that the robbery "has sent shock waves" through the player's club and "left officials deeply upset".

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The incident is the latest "away day robbery" that has seen a football star's house broken into while burglary gangs suspect he might be out playing.

In this instance, the thieves apparently thought that the player might also be representing his country, but larger squad sizes and complicated fixture lists due to Covid have seen miscalculations and some have their properties attacked while at home.

In March, the UK press explained how then-Everton goalkeeper Robin Olsen and his family, including two young children, were confronted by another machete-wielding, balaclava-donning gang in Hale in Cheshire. 

"Robin was terrified. He’s not bothered about the theft of material things, it’s the effect it’s had on his family. They are deeply traumatized by it. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. The family has moved out and the club has given each player their own security guards," explained a source to The Sun, while his manager at the time Carlo Ancelotti also had a safe stolen from his home in Crosby, Merseyside.

Before that, in May last year, former England and Tottenham Hotspur ace Dele Alli was punched in the face by two masked intruders who threatened him with knives and split with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, including some expensive watches, from his £2 million ($2.75 million) home at around 00.30 one evening.

"Thank you for all the messages. Horrible experience but we're all okay now. Appreciate the support," he tweeted after the horror occurrence, which his long-term partner Ruby Mae, adopted brother Harry and his girlfriend, plus another male friend were all present for.

Following Alli's scare, it is believed that many players purchased guard dogs while ramping up security to protect their homes.

Manchester United defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka and his teammate Jesse Lingard are two players to purchase dogs from Chaperone K9 in Leicestershire whose German and Belgian Shepherd breeds go for up to £15,000 ($20,600), say the British press.

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