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4 Oct, 2021 12:39

Anti-vax ice hockey star Archibald ‘out indefinitely’ after developing heart condition following Covid-19 diagnosis

Anti-vax ice hockey star Archibald ‘out indefinitely’ after developing heart condition following Covid-19 diagnosis

Anti-vax Edmonton Oilers star Josh Archibald, who had previously referred to Covid-19 as a 'plandemic', is facing an extended spell on the sidelines after developing myocarditis after he was diagnosed with the virus.

Archibald, who is unvaccinated, was forced to quarantine for 14 days after arriving back in Edmonton from the United States at the beginning of last month, but tests showed that the 28-year-old, who plays on the right ring for the Canadia ice hockey team, developed a severe Covid-19 infection during his period of isolation.

And according to the team's coach Dave Tippett, it quickly became clear that Archibald wasn't the same player when he attempted his return to the ice.

"Coming out of his quarantine, he tried to skate for a few days and just wasn’t feeling right," said Tippett.

Archibald is understood to have developed myocarditis, a condition which causes inflammation of the heart muscle and has been noted as a side-effect of several Covid-19 cases, including that of Oilers goaltender Alex Stalock, who is not expected to play this season due to the illness.

Archibald, Tippett says, will undergo further medical tests this week to learn more about the severity of his condition – with Tippett adding that Archibald currently cannot receive a vaccination.

"We’ll see where it goes," Tippett said. "Hopefully, he can get through it and get back to playing."

Archibald, who is entering his third season with the Edmonton team, was the sole player on the roster who remained unvaccinated and had previously expressed significant opposition to the jab on social media – including promoting a video which alleged that the Covid-19 outbreak was a so-called "plandemic".

He also tweeted then-President Donald Trump to recommended that National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases chief Dr. Anthony Fauci be jailed.

The Oilers, though, are likely going to be fine without Archibald's services after presumably having plans in place due to him being unavailable for around 30 cross-border games because of his anti-vax stance.

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"Oilers' Josh Archibald's anti-vaccine + conspiratorial stances led to him contracting COVID-19 and being diagnosed with myocarditis," wrote reporter Ahmar Khan on social media along with a selection of screen-grabs showing Archibald's opposition to the vaccine.

"Josh Archibald chose to not get vaccinated, got COVID [and is] now out indefinitely with a heart condition," added another reporter, Taylor Haase.

"Alex Stalock got Covid pre-vax and has same condition – out for the season. Vaccine reduces transmission, symptoms, severe clinical outcomes. Not sure how some still aren’t understanding that."

"Josh Archibald, an Edmonton Oilers winger, who on May 6th 2020 called the virus a 'plandemic' and is an anti-vaxxer," added another. "Will probably never play again because of heart desease after contracting the virus this summer. He will also have to repay 40%+ of his $1.5 million salary. He's 28."

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