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20 Sep, 2021 13:41

‘Well done for beating an old man up’: Goading strongman Hall taunts Thor after 1st-round KO of arm wrestler who ‘sucked’ (VIDEO)

‘Well done for beating an old man up’: Goading strongman Hall taunts Thor after 1st-round KO of arm wrestler who ‘sucked’ (VIDEO)

Former World's Strongest Man Eddie Hall has mocked arch-rival Thor Bjornsson after the 'Game of Thrones' star knocked out a top arm-wrestler who stepped in to box him at short notice after the Brit tore his bicep.

Fellow giant Devon Larratt trained at the former base of ex-UFC champion Georges St-Pierre in his five-week camp after agreeing to replace hindered Hall, only to be beaten in the first round of his fight with behemoth Bjornsson in Dubai on Saturday.

Rookie boxer Hall, whose long-awaited boxing scrap with Bjornsson is a continuation of their rivalry in the World's Strongest Man and in pursuit of the world deadlifting record, is predictably unimpressed.

"Well done to Thor for beating an old man up with five weeks' training," hardman Hall said of Larratt, the 46-year-old top-ranked arm wrestler in North America.

"Outstanding. Fair play to [Larratt] for taking this fight. Jokes aside, he’s got balls of steel."

Bjornsson also admires Larratt. "Devon is such a warrior – he has the biggest heart," said the 6ft 9in hulk who featured in five series of the TV hit, reacting after the fight.

"I know that guy is something else – taking the fight on five weeks' notice is brave, but coming here is mind-blowing.

"I know Eddie is at home chilling on the sofa with his popcorn and cola. Enjoy your life, buddy. I'm going to knock you out soon.

"I love competing and I have such respect for the sport. I have been an athlete all my life. This sport is without doubt the hardest sport I've tried but I absolutely love it."

Hall has returned to training after needing surgery for the injury he suffered in sparring, with a rescheduled date for the clash of the colossi yet to be announced.

"I wish I could have done better," said Canadian Larratt. "I have tons of respect for this boxing game. Clearly I suck but wow – what a trip, man.

"To be in the ring with Thor, it's totally on my bucket list. To be able to step into this arena in this format.

"In the real world, Thor could have killed me today – but we had the gloves on and we can do it again another day and get stronger.

"I loved it. I knew I was under-prepared but I knew the fight would be a lot of fun.

"I know there is an arm-wrestler out there who is a superior boxer out there – please take vengeance on Thor for me."

The Icelander earned his first win as a boxer in his third exhibition fight, having previously drawn with two professional pugilists: Steven Ward in January and Simon Vallily in May.

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