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17 Sep, 2021 17:32

‘Quite a surprise!’: Russian racing prodigy Sidorkova beams as men’s magazine heralds her among country’s sexiest sirens

‘Quite a surprise!’: Russian racing prodigy Sidorkova beams as men’s magazine heralds her among country’s sexiest sirens

Racing driver Ira Sidorkova has admitted that the "shocking news" of her selection by lads' mag Maxim in their list of the top 100 of Russia's hottest women was a very welcome surprise.

Sidorkova, who is just 18 years old, has already carved out what appears to be a promising career on the racetrack competing in the all-women's W Series and the F3 Asian Championships.

The former Russian Circuit Racing Series national junior champion appears poised to add some sizeable numbers to her following after the Russian iteration of the popular magazine named her alongside some prestigious company in her debut appearance in their annual list of 'hot Russian women'.

"Sometimes your day starts with some unexpected and shocking news!" Sidorkova said online in reaction to the news.

"I am in the top 100 of the Maxim's Hot Russian Women. Don't know why and how come, quite a surprise – but not a bad one, to be honest. Now you can also vote for it!"

A native of Petrozavodsk, Sidorkova has already captured racing fans' imagination and has gathered more than 150,000 fans on Instagram in the process.

That number appears certain to swell even further after Maxim endorsed her good looks as being among the most eye-catching women in all of Russia – but judging by her social media profile, that was something her legions of fans were already keenly aware of.

Highlighting Sidorkova's debut appearance on their list, Maxim said of the Russian beauty (via translation): "The debutante of our competition, sensual Irina Sidorkova, is a famous Russian race car driver and vice-mini-miss Karelia [region of Petrozavodsk] – whatever that means.

"One glance is enough to understand that the race is going to be serious. Irina, we wish you good luck on our track!"

Sidorkova's route to the track is about as novel a story as you could imagine. She began karting 12 years ago at the age of six after being inspired by the Pixar animated film, 'Cars'.

Prodigy Sidorkova then moved into rallying at the age of just 11 and began touring car racing in the Russian Circuit Racing Series two years later, winning the junior edition in 2018.

She applied for the W Series in 2020 and soon became the youngest-ever driver to pas its evaluation tests.

Further success appears certain for the young driver on the cusp of superstardom, meaning that you may well become used to seeing Sidorkova's face in the sports pages for years to come.

But something tells us that won't be much of a problem for her vast number of loyal fans.

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