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14 Aug, 2021 18:24

Cricket fan invades pitch and tries to act as India team member amid thrown cork incident in England test (VIDEO)

Cricket fan invades pitch and tries to act as India team member amid thrown cork incident in England test (VIDEO)

A cricket fan was escorted from the iconic Lord's ground on Saturday for invading the pitch during a test match between England and India. Separately, another attendee threw a wine cork at one of the players.

The incident occurred on the third day of action just after lunch.

The fan, wearing an India shirt with 'Jarvo 69' emblazoned across his back, lined up as if a part of the Subcontinent country's team.

Security immediately came to escort 'Jarvo' off the hallowed turf of the sport's most famous stadium.

But he protested and tried to convince them he formed part of India's outfit by pointing to the badge on his whites.

Alongside India bowler Mohammed Siraj, former England skippers Michael Atherton and Andrew Strauss were amused by the stunt with the former commenting: "He didn't look like he could come rushing in and send it down at 90mph it must be said."

"There was a disdain on his face as the stewards tried to escort him off", noted Strauss, as the pair provided commentary for Sky Sports.

Also today, England fans were branded "pathetic" by their rivals after India's first innings hero and batting opener KL Rahul had a wine cork thrown at him while fielding on the boundary line. 

Enraging his captain Virat Kohli in the slips, he gestured that his teammate should throw the object back into the stands. 

This follows another lamentable occurrence, where in the first test at Trent Bridge, a set of English fans allegedly directed racial abuse at India's players and followers.

At the end of an otherwise thrilling day of play, England led by 27 runs after losing their last wicket with the last ball before stumps.