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23 Jul, 2021 17:15

Court hears Manchester United icon Ryan Giggs ‘kicked ex-girlfriend and threw her naked out of hotel room’

Court hears Manchester United icon Ryan Giggs ‘kicked ex-girlfriend and threw her naked out of hotel room’

Manchester Crown Court has heard that Ryan Giggs "kicked his ex-girlfriend in the back" before throwing her naked out of a hotel room as part of pattern of "coercive and controlling behavior", to which he has pleaded not guilty.

Giggs, who is currently on leave from his position as Wales national team boss, was accused by his former partner, Kate Greville, of a string of abusive behavior between August 2017 and November 2020 and on Friday appeared in court where he entered a not guilty plea. 

He also denied a second charge in which he allegedly caused Greville actual bodily harm at his home in Greater Manchester last year, during which Giggs was accused of deliberately head-butting her.

He also denied charges that he assaulted Greville's younger sister, Emma, during the same incident, which is said to have occurred on November 1 last year.

During the hearing, details of Giggs' alleged abusive actions were read to the court, including one in which the former Manchester United player is said to have kicked Greville in the back and thrown her naked out of a hotel room along with her luggage after she accused him of flirting with other women.

The details read out in court include allegations that Giggs became jealous when Greville was socializing with other people and would send her a torrent of messages, as well as blocking her number.

He is also said to have threatened to send emails detailing his sexual exploits to Greville's friends and employer, thrown her belongings out of his house when she accused him of improper relationships with other women and regularly shown up uninvited to Greville's house, her place of employment and her gym when she attempted to end the relationship.

Giggs is also alleged to have sent numerous messages and made several calls to Greville's friends.

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The 13-time Premier League winner had previously said that he is "looking forward to clearing [his] name" when he was initially charged.

A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for October 8 ahead of the start of a full trial at Manchester Crown Court on January 24. He was granted bail by the judge but has been warned to not make any attempts to contact Kate or Emma Greville, or go to any location at which he believes they might be.

Giggs is known for being one of the most successful players in Premier League history during his 24-year association with Manchester United, where he also won two Champions League titles, four FA Cups and three league cups before his retirement from the sport in 2014.

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