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4 Jul, 2021 12:45

WATCH: England fans clash with police in London following Euro 2020 victory over Ukraine

Celebrating their country's 4-0 Euro 2020 quarter-finals win over Ukraine on Saturday night, England fans clashed with police in a number of locations London as at least nine arrests were made.

As the Three Lions booked their second major tournament semi-final in three years to meet Denmark at Wembley on Wednesday, supporters gathered in famous locations such as Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Pall Mall and Piccadilly Circus to celebrate.


Chants of "it’s coming home" filled the air and cars beeped their horns, but a night to remember soon turned into one to forget for many as carnival mode quickly turned moody.

Up to 50 officers lined the streets in Leicester Square as they ordered punters paying little mind to social distancing regulations to move on. 

And in shocking video footage, Met officers wrestled some to the ground while attempting to disperse fans. 

In total, nine people were arrested amid mass scuffles with police officers, as later confirmed by Scotland Yard.

While one person was arrested on suspicion of actual bodily harm of a police officer, a trio were accused of assaulting a police officer.

And on a less serious note, an officer was showered with a chorus of boos for confiscating one fan's football.

Addressing the matter, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors, Metropolitan Police Service remarked: "Last night following England’s match against Ukraine we saw a number of people take to the streets and I am pleased to say that this was all largely good natured.

"Fans engaged positively with officers and they dispersed when asked.

"While a larger crowd gathered in Leicester Square this area was cleared by approximately 11pm.

"Two officers were injured as this area was cleared and thankfully their injuries are not life-threatening," it was confirmed. 

One woman was seen with a minor head injury being treated by paramedics near a Tube station entrance. 

"We will continue to have measures in place to keep the public safe, prevent crime and disorder and respond effectively to any incidents. 

"I would also like to remind everyone that London remains in a public health crisis and we must all take action to stick to the rules in line with the government guidance."


On social media, onlookers reacted to the news with criticism for the guilty parties.

"What’s wrong with these peeps? Give them an allowance for enjoyment and they turn raucous," remarked one.

"It happens every time English football has any success - the fans are just not used to it plus can't hold their drink so they go overboard. Not helped by the hapless police getting involved," claimed another.

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"Sadly football does seem to be the sport of yobs. Our poor police [are] again being the brunt of these morons. Tennis, cricket and rugby attract a different type of person," said a rather snobby user.

On the other hand, one contrarian remarked: "Everyone is bored of social distancing, the only people who are vulnerable to the virus have been vaccinated. Let's just get on with our lives."

"This is what happens when you lock people up for 18 plus months and treat people like criminals for not wearing masks - you lose public support.

"Take note [UK Prime Minister Boris] Johnson and Co, this will seem like a vicar's tea party if you continue your regime after July the 19th," it was also said.