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24 Apr, 2021 12:45

Who da fook is that guy? Brit jailed for ‘impersonating UFC star Conor McGregor as front for drug-dealing empire’

Who da fook is that guy? Brit jailed for ‘impersonating UFC star Conor McGregor as front for drug-dealing empire’

Conor McGregor has had more than a few high-profile bust-ups with the law in recent years but not in this case, as a 34-year-old English drug dealer was JAILED for dealing Class A drugs while impersonating the notorious Irishman.

Mark Nye was sentenced to two years and nine months in jail after pleading guilty to possession with intent to supply drugs, as well as driving while disqualified and without insurance. 

Nye was pulled over by police in Surrey on February 11 where he was detained by after officers observed him attempting to dispose of drugs he was transporting - but in a strange twist, Nye gave police the fake name of "Conor" and was in possession of several hundred business cards with the term "McGregor Enterprises" and "Best drops in Surrey" written on them.

He was also found to be carrying two mobile phones on which officers discovered dozens of messages related to drug dealing, as well as large amounts of boric acid - an agent used to 'cut' drugs which can lead to serious health consequences for those who ingest it.

Speaking of the case on social media, Surrey Police displayed Nye's mugshot - in which he bears a mild comparison to UFC star McGregor - as well as pictures of his business cards. 

And, of course, several of McGregor's fans online were quick to make light of the situation.

"That's the oldest looking 34 year old I've ever seen," said one supporter of the picture of the 'discount McGregor'.

"You mean this is the McGregor who fought [Dustin Poirier] earlier this year? It all makes sense now," wrote another, while a third said they "kinda see it" after posting an image of Nye superimposed on McGregor's frame.

While McGregor has never had any links to the drug trade, the UFC's first-ever dual weight champion has fallen foul of the authorities on several occasions in the past. 

He was arrested in New York in 2018 for attacking a bus containing fierce rival Khabib Nurmagomedov in a Brooklyn parking lot, while also being caught on camera assaulting a patron at a Dublin pub - which local reports indicate that McGregor has recently purchased for a cool $2 million.

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