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17 Apr, 2021 10:19

Conor McGregor demands UFC create ‘Richest Motherf*cker Belt’ as he flashes $600K ‘casino on my wrist’

Conor McGregor demands UFC create ‘Richest Motherf*cker Belt’ as he flashes $600K ‘casino on my wrist’

Conor McGregor has already ordered the UFC to create ‘The McGregor Belt’ for his trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier, and the flashy Irishman now has another suggestion for a fitting title to accompany his visit to the octagon.

Speaking in typically brash fashion back in March, McGregor told UFC chiefs to commission a belt bearing his name as testament to his impact on the fight game.

"I feel it’s time to break out this baby for the next fight," McGregor wrote alongside footage of him making a similar request before his first fight with Nate Diaz at UFC 196 in 2016.

"I ask the UFC to please create The McGregor belt. I suggest rose gold and rubies. Think patek rare."

Taking to Twitter on Friday night, former two-weight champ McGregor had yet more suggestions for the UFC on how they could honor their juiciest cash cow as he prepares for his July meeting with Poirier. 

“Let’s do two belts actually,” McGregor wrote, tagging the UFC. “Champ Champ always does two. We’ve got ‘The McGregor Belt’ currently in creation, and now we’ve got the all new ‘RMF’ belt. ‘The Richest Motherf*cker Belt’. This way we can put both the rubies and emeralds to good use.”  

The idea perhaps came to mind after a post McGregor made shortly beforehand in which he flashed another of his glitzy timepieces from his collection.

“The house always wins it’s why there’s a casino on my wrist. #VivaLasVegas,” tweeted the Dubliner, sharing a picture of him wearing an ‘Astronomia Casino’ model by luxury watchmakers Jacob & Co, which retails at around $620,000.

Back in 2019, the Dubliner also modestly claimed to have been the inspiration behind the ‘BMF’ (Baddest Motherf*cker) belt which the UFC had unveiled for the welterweight clash between fan favorites Jorge Masvidal and Diaz. 

In strictly financial terms, McGregor would have an undisputed claim for the UFC's 'RMF' title, having reportedly amassed a fortune of at least $120 million from his fighting career and business empire.

According to reports earlier this year, McGregor may have at least doubled after he supposedly sold his stake in his Proper No. Twelve whisky venture.   

McGregor undoubtedly remains the biggest blockbuster draw in the octagon, and on Friday it was announced that tickets had sold out within seconds for McGregor’s return to Las Vegas for his trilogy with Poirier at the T-Mobile Arena on July 10. That event will see a full house of 20,000 fans in attendance.

Money has been one of the main themes in the build-up to the contest after Poirier accused his rival of reneging on a $500,000 charity pledge he had made before their fight in January.

According to the American, McGregor’s team "ghosted” representatives when they asked about the donation to Poirier’s ‘The Good Fight Foundation’.

McGregor responded furiously, threatening to withdraw from the trilogy and accusing Poirier of “smearing” his good name. 'The Diamond' later backed down by apologizing for making the row public.  

The score is level at one apiece between the pair, after Poirier brutally knocked out McGregor in the second round of their rematch in Abu Dhabi.  

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