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19 Apr, 2021 14:51

‘No words, just emotions’: Daredevil Russian gymnastics queen Aleksandra Soldatova thrills with free-fall parachute jump (PHOTOS)

‘No words, just emotions’: Daredevil Russian gymnastics queen Aleksandra Soldatova thrills with free-fall parachute jump (PHOTOS)

Former Russian rhythmic-gymnastics star Alexandra Soldatova has swapped her leotard for a skydiving outfit to undertake her first-ever parachute jump, plunging through the sky before telling her fans that she would "do it again".

The four-time world champion made her daredevil maiden attempt at the exhilarating stunt in tandem with a skydiving instructor.

There are no words, just emotions,” she excitedly wrote in the caption to a series of pictures shared on social media.

I’m happy. I will definitely do it again, and not just once."

The 22-year-old has been enjoying post-retirement life, trying out a number of new hobbies she hadn’t had time for during her demanding professional career.

Soldatova was widely regarded as one of the main contenders to fight for gold at this summer's Tokyo Olympics before being forced to quit her sport last year following a long battle with bulimia.

In an interview, she said she had dreamed of resuming her sporting career, but health problems had prompted her to leave gymnastics without experiencing the Olympic Games, as her struggle with the eating disorder made a return to professional circuit impossible.

I had a tough choice placed before me: either sport or my health,” she said.

I wanted to return to sport and resume training, but my body said no.”

Along with trying out skydiving, Soldatova has been taking private lessons to brush up on her skating skills, and dreams of taking part in the popular skating show ‘Ice Age’, which is hosted by Olympic champion Alina Zagitova.

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