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14 Apr, 2021 07:57

‘Mad Karens incoming’: Conor McGregor triggers parenting row after telling son to ‘hit other kid in the mouth’ (VIDEO)

‘Mad Karens incoming’: Conor McGregor triggers parenting row after telling son to ‘hit other kid in the mouth’ (VIDEO)

Conor McGregor’s parenting skills have split opinion online after the UFC star was heard telling son Conor Jr to retaliate after apparently being struck by another child.

McGregor and his family are currently sunning themselves in the UAE, from where the Irishman shared a video of himself dishing out advice to his son on the beach.  

“Hold on, let me show you what this is,” says McGregor, holding up the gold pendant around his neck.

“That’s the McGregor family crown, champ. This is the McGregor family crest. It’s a lion’s head with a crown on it because you are a king, champ. We are kings.

“Bash anyone that says anything, you hear?”

McGregor asks the three-year-old if another child had hit him, telling him: “Where did he hit you? What do I say? Hit him back.

“Where you going to hit him? Hit him in the mouth. He hit you in the back, did he? Go hit him in the mouth. Aim for the mouth and the nose champ.

“Be faster, that’s why we train.”

The former two-weight UFC champ plants a kiss on his son and says: “I’m going to give you some boxing training, come on. Hands up.”

McGregor’s advice to counter violence with more violence divided opinion on Instagram.

“Hit 'im in the mouth, aim for the mouth and nose champ. Parenting 101,” joked one fan.

“Yes, don’t let anyone put their hands on you without consequences,” agreed Aussie former UFC fighter and bare-knuckle boxing queen Bec Rawlings.

“Imagine sitting on the beach and your kid comes running over crying saying a kid punched him in the nose. You jump up ready for action and then realise Conor McGregor is his dad so you walk past as if nothing happened," joked another reply.

“Mad Karens incoming for McGregor teaching his son to hit back,” predicted one fan.

Some were indeed critical of McGregor’s parental advice.

“At least in school or daycare the teacher won’t have to guess how the fighting started or why,” came the response from a less than impressed fan.

"Not really the best words teaching your kid to hit other kids at that age mate!" said another.

“No one else think the kid will grow up to be spoiled,” queried another, while one added: “Don’t know if teaching a kid hitting back is a good thing instead of diplomacy.”

Beyond his parenting skills, McGregor has faced criticism in recent days for seemingly breaking a pledge he made to UFC rival Dustin Poirier to donate $500,000 to his charity after their rematch in January.

Poirier has accused McGregor, 32, of “ghosting” his team when they followed up to ask about the donation, while McGregor has claimed the American’s charity – The Good Fight Foundation – has not provided a clear plan of how the funds would be used.

Also on rt.com ‘The fight is off’: Furious Conor McGregor cancels UFC rematch with ‘f***ing braindead’ Dustin Poirier over charity donation claim

Accusing Poirier of “smearing his name,” McGregor has suggested that the pair's planned trilogy fight on July 10 is now off, and that he is searching for a new opponent for that date.

Poirier knocked McGregor out in the second round of their rematch in January in Abu Dhabi, leveling the scores at 1-1 and handing ‘The Notorious’ his first ever KO defeat inside the cage.