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‘How was he not disqualified?’: Fury as Japanese MMA giant continues to rain down blows on stricken rival (VIDEO)

‘How was he not disqualified?’: Fury as Japanese MMA giant continues to rain down blows on stricken rival (VIDEO)
Fight fans questioned the conduct of heavyweight sumo wrestler Tsuyoshi Sudario as he showed no mercy to his downed opponent after breaking the record for the fastest knockout in Rizin history.

The fight card at Rizin FF 27 on Sunday night in Nagoya witnessed a brutally efficient performance from Sudario, who scored a stunning six-second KO win in his MMA contest with debutant Kazushi Miyamoto.

The real controversy, however, came after the KO, when Sudario – who improved his MMA record to 3-0 – continued to pummel his opponent forcing the officials to intervene.

Things kicked off further when Miyamoto’s cornerman shoved Sudario, prompting a brawl.

Miyamoto appeared to be extremely fired up from the get-go, charging at Sudario straight from the bell. Unfortunately for the former pro wrestler, this left him vulnerable to Sudario’s response.

Miyamoto was quickly dropped onto the canvas. The moment he got back onto his feet, he was knocked down again. Sudario landed a clean blow flush onto his opponent’s chin. This time, the 42-year-old did not get up again.

The on-screen clock showed the time at eight seconds when the officials stepped to stop the fight, but the KO was later confirmed by Rizin’s official social media account to have only taken a record six seconds. 

For Sudario, though, the fight was not yet finished. The 23-year-old displayed questionable sportsmanship as he landed a number of blows after the bell had rung.

Officials had to pull him away but Miyamoto’s cornerman clearly felt he had overstepped the mark. He pushed Sudario in the chest which then prompted an aggressive response from retired mixed martial artist Enson Inoue – who is now Sudario’s trainer.

Speaking after the fight on his official YouTube Channel, Inoue claimed that Sudario had been fired up before the game having been called a “cry baby” by Miyamoto for getting emotional in an interview as he remembered a difficult moment in his life.

Inoue feared that this provocation would cause his fighter to lose his discipline in the match, which could cost him the game. While Sudario didn’t lose the bout, he did lose his head.

Inoue realized that he had to step in like a “motherly lion trying to protect her cub” when Miyamoto’s cornerman shoved Sudario in the chest. This led to a short altercation which very nearly escalated into an all-out brawl.

In the end, however, things eventually settled. Inoue later explain that, after he had cooled down, he went to Miyamoto’s team to say sorry and in turn had accepted their apology. So it’s looks as if there is no bad blood.

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