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18 Jan, 2021 14:45

‘Djokovic is a tool’: Nick Kyrgios slams complaints from quarantining stars as Tomic’s girlfriend is forced to ‘wash own hair’

‘Djokovic is a tool’: Nick Kyrgios slams complaints from quarantining stars as Tomic’s girlfriend is forced to ‘wash own hair’

Nick Kyrgios has hit out at players complaining about quarantine requirements ahead of the Australian Open as Novak Djokovic demanded a shorter isolation period and Bernard Tomic's girlfriend bemoaned no salon access.

The outspoken Kyrgios had his say at some of the comments from his fellow pros ahead of their entry to annual Aussie tennis tournament after the world's number one player Novak Djokovic attempted to petition for his isolation period to be reduced and that he and more than 70 other players currently quarantining after their entry into Australia be moved to private homes with tennis court access. 

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Strict border closures have been in place in Australia for several months as the country continues to grapple with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and despite his complaints Djokovic's demands seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

Daniel Andrews, the current Premier of Victoria, outlined that Djokovic and the 70 or so other players must not be given preferential treatment in advance of the tournament at a time when the country is making inroads in their battle against the deadly virus.

"There's no special treatment here," said Andrews, "because the virus doesn't treat you specially, so neither do we."


Cases of coronavirus spiked in Australia last July and August but have since come under control, with just 19 cases confirmed countrywide on Sunday.

Among Djokovic's other demands were a requirement for better food available to elite athletes and access for players to visit with their coaches, provided all parties had submitted a negative test for Covid-19. 

And this hasn't sat well with Djokovic's frequent online sparring partner Kyrgios, who reserved some strong words for him and the Instagram influencer girlfriend of Bernard Tomic, Vanessa Sierra, after she complained online that she was forced to 'wash her own hair for the first time in her life' after being denied access to a salon.

Djokovic - who has voiced anti-vaccine statements in the past - tested positive for the virus last summer after competing in the controversial Adria Tour tournament in Serbia and Croatia. It was later confirmed that Djokovic's coach, former Wimbledon winner Goran Ivanisevic, had also tested positive. 

Patience appears thin in Australia to Djokovic's requests, given that many people within the country are asking why around 1,000 people associated with the tournament were permitted entry to the country while many Australian citizens remain unable to travel home due to virus restrictions. 

"Our health safety is more important to us than your feelings of privilege and entitlement," wrote on tennis fan online, while another declared that "Most of us here in Melbourne do not want tennis players here potentially reintroducing the virus and causing us to go back to harsh restrictions."

Some players, though, didn't appear as if they had been made aware of the quarantine requirements. Russia's Yulia Putintseva said that she would have "thought twice" about travelling if she had known the risks.

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"What I don't understand is that, why no one ever told us, if one person on board is positive the whole plane need to be isolated. I would think twice before coming here," she wrote online. 

However, Daniel Andrews resoundingly denied that the guidelines were a mystery to players.

"The notion that there's been any change, the notion that people weren't briefed, I think that argument really has no integrity whatsoever," he said.