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23 Dec, 2020 16:03

Bitter F1 fans vent after Haas decide TO STICK with Russian racer Mazepin in face of 'groping video' storm

Bitter F1 fans vent after Haas decide TO STICK with Russian racer Mazepin in face of 'groping video' storm

After F1 team Haas announced they will not cut ties with Russian driver Nikita Mazepin despite his involvement in a 'groping' video row, furious fans bombarded the team with angry messages blasting the move.

On Wednesday, the American racing team finally broke its silence on Mazepin’s case, officially confirming that the Russian will make his Formula One debut as a Haas driver next season.

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Haas F1 Team would like to reaffirm that Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher will form its driver line-up for the 2021 FIA Formula 1 world championship,” it said.

As per the team’s previous statement regarding the actions of Nikita Mazepin (December 9) – this matter has now been dealt with internally and no further comment shall be made,” the team said in a statement.

Mazepin’s Formula One career was hanging in the balance after the 21-year-old Russian posted a video to his Instagram account showing him touching a woman's breast in a car after one of the straps of her dress became loose.

The woman was later named as model Andrea D’Ival, while the video caused public uproar, prompting Mazepin to remove it from his Instagram page and issue a public apology.

The decision not to remove Mazepin further infuriated some fans, who accused the American team of “disrespecting women” and “caring only about money.”

Mazepin's father, Russian billionaire Dmitry Mazepin, will reportedly be added to the sponsors at Haas when his son joins the team next season.   

Just imagine how it looks giving the clear message that sexually assaulting women is ok to all the women who work at Haas, all the women who work at other F1 teams, & all the female journalists in the F1 paddock. What you’re saying is that Mazepin can sexually assault them too,” one fan raged.

F*ck this! Really, I don’t like cursing but I have no other option. You only care about money. The ‘we race as one’ is clearly not one of your cares. Not when it gets in the way of money. He did not learn, this teaches him if you have money you can do anything. The fans are sad!” another user fumed.

Disrespectful not only to women in motorsport, but to every woman in this world . why can’t we for once think rationally and realise what this man has done ? if you were in that girl’s position , or any woman’s that is currently working in f1 , how would you feel? shame on you,” another comment read.

Thanks for reaffirming you’re a team that will give a seat to a driver who sexually assaults women so long as you get lots of cash. Some lofty morals to aspire to be an F1 racer, eh? Great inspiration for women watching,” one fan tweeted.