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19 Dec, 2020 12:44

‘The case is meritless’: Lawyer for NBA ace says $1 million lawsuit claimant from alleged parking lot spat was ‘unstable and rude’

‘The case is meritless’: Lawyer for NBA ace says $1 million lawsuit claimant from alleged parking lot spat was ‘unstable and rude’

Atlanta Hawks guard Rajon Rondo and his girlfriend are facing a $1 million lawsuit after a woman filed a suit alleging that they "cussed out and beat" her in a "heated parking lot dispute", calling her a "b*tch" during an assault.

Toktam Jorshari is taking legal action against what she claims was "assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress and conspiracy" stemming from the July incident at an apartment complex in Los Angeles where both Jorshari and Rondo's girlfriend reside. 

Rondo, 34, was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers at the time but signed a deal with the Hawks last month.

Multiple online reports have stated that the claim alleges Rondo parked his car in a handicap space but did not have a permit to do so.

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Jorshari claims that she parked her car beside Rondo's and inadvertently blocked access to Rondo's driver-side door in the process - which, she said, prompted the NBA veteran to lash out.

She claims that Rondo issued a torrent of abuse towards her, saying: "B*tch, why do you think you can park here?" before he pushed her against her car.

She then states that Rondo's girlfriend violently assaulted her, striking her several times to her head and upper body.

Joshari says that she did not retaliate during the alleged assault which she claims Rondo oversaw, giving his girlfriend a "green light" to escalate the situation.

She claims she suffered several injuries during the assault, including one which has left her with a "permanent disability" - though legal counsel for Rondo says that the allegations are entirely without substance.

"The case is meritless,” Mark Baute said. "I have seen the video tape. Mr Rondo was polite throughout the encounter.

"The claimant was not wearing a mask and was unstable and rude. We look forward to defending the case and winning.”

Rondo was a bit-part player for the Lakers in their NBA Championship winning season this year before he inked a two-year, $15 million deal with the Hawks ahead of the start of the new campaign.

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