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7 Dec, 2020 10:25

‘World full of snowflakes’: Bizarre homophobia row breaks out after Premier League star celebrates goal by destroying flag (VIDEO)

‘World full of snowflakes’: Bizarre homophobia row breaks out after Premier League star celebrates goal by destroying flag (VIDEO)

Premier League poacher Jamie Vardy has been criticized for his celebration after scoring a last-minute winner while playing for Leicester City, with viewers desperate to take offense spotting that he had damaged a campaign symbol.

Former England striker Vardy was booked for showing his unbridled joy after scoring in the 90th minute to give Leicester three points at Sheffield United, running across to upend a corner flag by sliding across the turf feet-first.

Despite the fiery forward's long-established penchant for taking out his emotions on corner flags, some sensitive reactionaries asked whether Vardy had targeted the pole because it carried the rainbow sign of the Premier League's high-profile anti-homophobia initiative.

"That's what Vardy thinks about the rainbow corner flag," said one seemingly jokey tweet, adding a series of crying emojis, while another seemingly sarcastic response suggested: "I may be reading too much into this, but Vardy has never done this to a normal corner flag.

"As soon as it is a corner flag supporting gay pride, he destroys it. Sends out a horrible message. I’m furious."

Those jibes quickly gave way to predictable self-righteousness from social media's political correctness police.

"If this was put in place for the National Health Service and he did this, there would be uproar," argued one eager lecturer.

"But because it’s presumably for LGBT within football, it’s perfectly acceptable to be homophobic? Sound, lads. Sound."

Another said: "The homophobia in the replies...gosh, when will the world heal? Love is love."

Vardy has regularly carried out the harmless celebration on corner flags throughout his prolific career, usually preferring to punch them while adding to his remarkable total of 112 goals.

His delight was exacerbated by the fact that his latest dramatic strike came against the team who are arch-rivals with the team he grew up supporting, neighbors Sheffield Wednesday.

The 33-year-old and his teammates were supporting the Premier League's Rainbow Laces project during a weekend which had been mired in controversy after fans, players and viewers clashed over fans booing the taking of a knee in support of Black Lives Matter before a Championship game.

Leicester players have previously been outspoken about the support they would give to an openly gay player. "We've got a very accepting changing room," England midfielder James Maddison said last year.

"I think if one of our teammates was to come out and say they were gay, nothing changes."

Defender Ben Chilwell, who has since switched to Chelsea, added: "We've got different countries together, different religions and different races.

"Everyone is so together at Leicester, and I know that's the same with other clubs. If there was someone who wanted to come out as gay, that's completely fine."

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