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14 Nov, 2020 16:29

'Masturbation is normal': 'Sexiest hockey host' backs Russia star Dzyuba in revealing cosplay outfit on new Instagram show (VIDEO)

'Masturbation is normal': 'Sexiest hockey host' backs Russia star Dzyuba in revealing cosplay outfit on new Instagram show (VIDEO)

Former TV hockey host Ulyana Trigubchak has said footballers can masturbate on the pitch as long as they win, holding forth on Russia captain Artem Dzyuba's sex scandal and a wide range of other issues on her new Instagram show.

The self-declared sexiest presenter in the KHL, Trigubchak had been known for her racey outfits and provocative style before a row with team captain Grigory Panin saw her leave her hometown club, Salavat, last year.

Cheerleader-turned-presenter Trigubchak claimed that she had been told to stop involving herself in "men's affairs", but she is now talking sport again in a new Instagram show, Totality, which she has launched while wearing a skintight costume on her personal channel.

Baring her cleavage while dressed as Kitana, a character from classic video game Mortal Kombat, Trigubchak explained that the title of the show was partly taken from a "fatality" move on the gory beat-'em-up.

"I will air every two weeks to review a hockey or soccer game," she told her legion of followers in a video that racked up almost 27,000 views in a day.

"You, in turn, will have to place a bet - namely, which of the teams will score first and in what minute.

"Whoever is closest will choose the punishment for me. Interested? I can already see you are gripped to your screens and want to know more."

Ever keen to explore risque topics, titilating Trigubchak went on to discuss arguably the most salacious and high-profile story of the Russian sporting week - the plight of Russia captain Artem Dzyuba, who was axed from the national squad after a video showing him pleasuring himself was leaked online in a reported blackmail plot.

"Of course, I will not show it, and you have probably watched it more than once," said the sympathetic-sounding host.

"I believe that interference with a person's privacy is shameful and a disgrace.

"Masturbation is normal for both men and women. That includes footballers and national team captains."

Trigubchak questioned fans who had directed cheeky chants at Dzyuba when his team, Zenit St. Petersburg, subsequently faced Krasnodar, before making an extraordinary claim that she would be comfortable with footballers carrying out lewd acts on the pitch.

"Dear fans, are you saying that you don't masturbate?" she asked. "I'm sure you will lie and say 'no, no, no.'

"So masturbating is OK. It's another matter who you send it to and where it can surface. Artem, continue to be more careful with this case.

"Otherwise, you are a tough footballer and leader of the national team. Yes, masturbate - even on the field. The main thing is to play well."

Turning away from onanism, the forgiving host proceeded to discuss Russia boss Stanislav Cherchesov, the Russian ice hockey squad and Monday's match between Salavat and SKA.

She insisted that Maxim Groshev, SKA's new 18-year-old signing, was "not worth a penny."

"SKA paid 40 million rubles (around $517,000) for him. Do you know what you can buy for 40 million rubles?

"300,000 Big Macs, 200 thousand packs of [antibiotic] Azithromycin, 363 Pro Max iPhones or an apartment in Sochi. But it will be all the more interesting to watch the talented young striker."

Among Trigubchak's following of almost 52,000, some fans said they were eagerly anticipating more dispatches.

"How cool are you?" asked one, using an emoji to blow her a kiss. "I'm looking forward to the next episode."

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