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29 Oct, 2020 12:03

Out on his feet: Russian MMA fighter leaves fans stunned with crazy ‘standing KO’ victory (VIDEO)

Out on his feet: Russian MMA fighter leaves fans stunned with crazy ‘standing KO’ victory (VIDEO)

MMA fighter Vyacheslav Ptitsyn scored a rare ‘standing knockout’ when he dismantled his opponent inside the first round of their recent contest in the far east of Russia.

Competing in their bantamweight bout at Modern Fighting Pankration (MFP) 232 in Vladivostok, Ptitsyn stunned rival Vyacheslav Raslovets with a huge right hand which rendered him unconscious but stiff on his feet.

Ptitsyn followed up with another right hand to his opponent’s chin, sending him against the cage – where he remained rigid and without his senses as the referee stepped in to stop the contest.

The unusual KO quickly set social media abuzz.  

“Phenomenal KO from Vyacheslav Ptitsyn. I’ve been in combat sports for 40 years and never seen anything like this,” wrote MFP president Dmitri Konkov, who shared the episode on his Instagram account.

Konkov also reassured fans that victim Raslovets was in good health, adding: “A standing KO is rare in fights. I’ll preempt your questions and write that the fighter’s health is good.”

Twitter users likewise reacted with incredulity at a lesser-seen type of knockout.

“Good god,” wrote one, while another likened it to a glitch in a video game. 

Ptitisyn improved his record to 3-0 with the win, while Raslovets suffered defeat in his first professional MMA contest.