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Let's CRUNCH: Russian gymnastics superstar Ekaterina Selezneva STUNS fans with INCREDIBLE flexibility (VIDEO)

Let's CRUNCH: Russian gymnastics superstar Ekaterina Selezneva STUNS fans with INCREDIBLE flexibility (VIDEO)
Rhythmic gymnast world champion Ekaterina Selezneva has astonished her hundreds of thousands of fans on social media by carrying off an elastic-limbed crunch, limbering up before arcing one of her long legs over her head.

The Russian hoop and team gold medalist demonstrated some of the poise and finesse she used to dazzling effect at the World Championships in Baku last year as she created a video for fans.

Starting on tiptoes with her hands balanced on a chair in front of her, the 25-year-old raised her left leg balletically above her and beyond her head and shoulders before pulling it inwards with her corresponding arm.

She then repeated the trick on the other side, holding her right leg vertically in the air before passing it over her head and clasping it with her arm.

Ukrainian pop singer Natasha Korolyova was among those to appreciate the extraordinary level of physical skill required to carry off the move, writing: "Oh – I felt this crunch myself."

Another fan asked: "How much work has been invested in these seemingly light movements? They are incredibly beautiful and graceful."

In her eighth year as a senior, Selezneva, who is trained by her mother, Olga Nikolaevna Nazarova, had a spectacular 2019.

She scooped four gold medals at the Summer Universiade in all-around, hoop, ball and ribbon, having started her season with fourth place in the Grand Prix Moscow.

Despite her Olympic ambitions being halted by the pandemic this year, the lack of competitive action has given Selezneva the chance to hone her sensational skills, celebrate her past glories, embark on some idyllic breaks and relax with her fiance, journalist and presenter Sergey Gladun.

As might be expected, she fine-tunes her flexibility with yoga sessions and enjoys balancing on her hands and head at home, where she also has a bike and treadmill in order to keep her fitness up indoors.

That hasn't stopped her from heading outside for hoop sessions, sometimes in the company of her faithful pet dog.

Marking the first anniversary of her World Championships glory last week, she thanked her mom, coaches, medical support, fans and the judges.

"Without you and your support, nothing would have happened," she humbly explained.

"[I will] probably will never be able to watch videos of it calmly. I experience all the emotions, as if I were there again."

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