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18 Sep, 2020 08:16

Russian Olympic figure skater Maria Sotskova slapped with 10-YEAR BAN over forged medical document

Russian Olympic figure skater Maria Sotskova slapped with 10-YEAR BAN over forged medical document

Russian figure skater Maria Sotskova has received a 10-year suspension for falsifying a medical document to explain three missed doping tests and the presence of a prohibited substance in her body.

Russia’s anti-doping agency (RUSADA) disqualified the skater, who provided a forged medical document in an attempt to explain why she missed doping tests.

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RUSADA’s Disciplinary Committee has disqualified Maria Sotskova for 10 years for forging a medical certificate while trying to explain why she failed to comply with doping test obligations.

Prohibited substance was also detected on one of Sotskova’s doping probes,” A source familiar with the situation told Russia’s TASS news agency, without specifying the exact drug allegedly taken by the athlete.

In 2019 Sotskova missed three doping tests during a non-competitive period forcing RUSADA to launch an investigation.

The skater who finished eighth at the 2018 Olympics hasn’t commented on the allegations, she just shared an Instagram post thanking her followers for their support.

In addition to her eighth place at the Winter games, Sotskova also finished eighth at the 2017 and 2018 world championships. She also took silver at the 2017 ISU Grand Prix Final.


The 20-year-old who didn’t compete last season due to health problems announced retirement from sport in July.