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16 Sep, 2020 16:48

Life coaching with Khabib: Dapper UFC star reveals he is releasing a course to teach people 'how to be a champ in life & business'

Life coaching with Khabib: Dapper UFC star reveals he is releasing a course to teach people 'how to be a champ in life & business'

UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov has announced plans to school people outside the octagon, revealing that he is "ready to share" a new course giving the public his wisdom on time management, motivation, teamwork and more.

The UFC star can be seen presenting his new course, 'Become a Champion in Life', in a suit and bow tie on "global online university" Megacampus, where he features as a tutor alongside the likes of Evgeniy Chernyak – one of Ukraine's richest men – and Russian fashion model and businesswoman Oxana Samoylova.

Offering fans access for around $32 a month, Megacampus touts Nurmagomedov as "one of the most successful representatives of showbusiness" and "a global brand around which many businesses are built and an international audience gathers."

Across three months and 17 lessons, the masterclass pledges to help "those who agree to win" explore Nurmagomedov's life story, how he arranges his work schedule, insights into business, personal growth and goal completion and the principles that allow the 31-year-old to "be himself".

He lists "strength, dignity and respect" as the three elements that made him the first modern Russian UFC champion and are essential to victory in sport and life, as well as the "hard work, discipline and ability to maintain concentration" that have allowed him to "confidently develop" a powerful brand and partnerships with the likes of Reebok, Toyota and Gorilla.

The marketing materials show photos from his heavily-followed Instagram account and formative years and mention his business decisions this year, including buying a 25 percent stake in a telecom operator, founding an agency for the development of Islamic tourism, establishing a shoe and clothing company, running a martial arts school and engaging in an agricultural business.

"Khabib is popular but not public," declares the promotional page. "According to him, he does not seek to be in the public eye and attract more attention to himself than his status requires.

"At the same time, the activity of the soldier extends to the entire globe...he donates money from battles to foundations, builds new hospitals in Nigeria, develops entrepreneurship in Dagestan, launches sports and educational projects for children and adolescents.

"Restraint, a sober assessment of the situation and a clear understanding of the goal allow an athlete to be successful in any endeavors and save energy for new achievements."

Fans are warned that achieving success comparable to the unbeaten fighter's spectacular career in the Octagon is no easy task. As Nurmagomedov is seen studying a book in an ornate armchair, potential students are told that they will be given tips to inspire and reward a team, "get rid of fears and prepare for new frontiers" and "make all your dreams come true."

He is seen at a weigh-in next to a section on developing a winning instinct, taking a selfie with fans next to a chapter that includes "managing euphoria" and sitting with his late father, Abdulmanap, and Russian president Vladimir Putin as part of a module on self-education and "choosing a worthy mentor".

"I have gained experience and knowledge," he announced, breaking away from social media posts documenting his preparations for his return to UFC action against Justin Gaethje on October 24.

"I am ready to share it. This isn't about fighting. It’s about how to properly manage time, set priorities, how to assemble a team of like-minded people and motivate them. How to be a champion in life and in business."

The course, available in English and Russian, is scheduled to launch on October 5.

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