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15 Sep, 2020 11:49

ATTEMPTED MURDER: Prosecutors to seek more serious charge for ex-Russia captain Shirokov after vicious attack on referee (VIDEO)

ATTEMPTED MURDER: Prosecutors to seek more serious charge for ex-Russia captain Shirokov after vicious attack on referee (VIDEO)

Prosecutors for the referee attacked by ex-footballer Roman Shirokov will seek to try the former Russia international skipper for attempted murder after his vicious attack on an official left him in hospital for three weeks.

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Criminal charges have since been brought against the ex-Russia international after he became enraged when referee Nikita Danchenkov refused to acknowledge what he considered a penalty when turning out in the 'Moscow Celebrity Cup' on August 10.

After Shirokov began to threaten the young official, he was shown a red card, which further angered the ex-Spartak Moscow and Zenit St. Petersburg midfielder. Shirokov then dropped Danchenkov with a haymaker before delivering a kick to the head as the ref lay defenceless on the ground.

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Lawyers for 24-year-old Danchenkov reportedly consider the charge of “intended infliction of harm to health” under Article 115 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which would carry a punishment of community service and a possible prison sentence, too light.

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Instead they will seek a charge of attempted murder, which naturally carries a much higher punishment should three-time Russian league winner Shirokov be convicted of the offense, according to Telegram channel Mash.

Danchenkov suffered cuts and bruises to his face and eye and a suspected broken elbow in the attack, and was forced to spend three weeks recuperating in hospital; pictures of his battered face were widely shared in the media, along with a video of the attack.

Shirokov later apologized for his behavior on Instagram, which he described as “an inappropriate act”, but Danchenkov nevertheless decided to press charges.