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17 Jul, 2020 15:02

Let's go, champ: UFC star Petr Yan picks up gleaming new Mercedes as car lover is surprised with 'huge' gift at MMA club (VIDEO)

Let's go, champ: UFC star Petr Yan picks up gleaming new Mercedes as car lover is surprised with 'huge' gift at MMA club (VIDEO)

New UFC champion Petr Yan was stunned to be given a brand new Mercedes outside the sports academy where he trains in Ekaterinburg, admitting his surprise at the reward for his brutal win over Jose Aldo at UFC 251 on Saturday.

New bantamweight king Yan took his new belt with him as he attended a ceremony at the city's Archangel Michael fight club, where crowds gathered to cheer the victorious fighter as he embraced the club founder and representatives of endorsers the Russian Copper Company.

The motor fan smiled as cameramen followed him to the driver's door of the vehicle, where he briefly inspected his expensive new car before heading inside the club for a photo with members in front of a punchbag.

"I knew that some kind of surprise awaited me," said the 27-year-old, describing the Merc as "very nice"

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​​👊🏻 Основатель команды «Архангел Михаил» подарил Петру Яну @petr_yan Mercedes GLE450 ⠀ Сегодня основатель клуба «Архангел Михаил» и глава Русской Медной Компании @rcc_group Игорь Алтушкин вручил уральскому бойцу ключи от автомобиля Mercedes и поблагодарил Петра Яна за успешное выступление. ⠀ 💬 Я знал, что меня ждет какой-то сюрприз. Очень приятно — это огромнейший подарок. Очень приятно именно внимание Игоря Алексеевича, даже не ко мне, а ко всей команде и тем ребятам, которые еще только на своем старте – у них есть все возможности, чтобы заниматься спортом. Только тренируйся и показывай результат ⠀ 💬 Мне нравятся машины, для каждого мужчины и парня – это интересно. Со многими машинами я как «аватар» - сажусь и чувствую, что какое-то слияние происходит ⠀ Победа Петра Яна над бразильцем Жозе Альдо — это важное событие не только для Екатеринбурга, но и для России в целом. Российский боец вывел нашу страну на второе место по количеству действующих чемпионов UFC и установил рекорд легчайшего дивизиона лиги по количеству значимых ударов за один бой — 194. ⠀ Фото @basanaev_sport #АкадемияединоборствРМК #РМК #ПетрЯн #archangel_michael_club #rcc_academy

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"This is a huge gift," Yan said. "I like cars. With many cars, I sit down and feel that some kind of unity is taking place."

Yan, who made his MMA debut in 2014, said that he hoped his newfound stardom would encourage newcomers to follow his lead, advising them to "just train and show results."

'No Mercy' lived up to his nickname by pounding Aldo in the latter stages on Fight Island to earn a fifth-round win that made him the second Russian UFC champion after lightweight luminary Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Fans including world light heavyweight champion kickboxer Alim Nabiev and Russian former MMA title holder Albert Duraev were among those to congratulate Yan after he reposted the video to his following of almost 500,000 on Instagram.

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