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28 Jun, 2020 10:40

'It's what Khabib does ALL the time': Michael Bisping sends UFC experts & fans into HYSTERICS by calling out 'Dagestani handcuff'

'It's what Khabib does ALL the time': Michael Bisping sends UFC experts & fans into HYSTERICS by calling out 'Dagestani handcuff'

Former UFC middleweight champion and quip-happy commentator Michael Bisping provided one of the commentary highlights of UFC on ESPN 12 when he excitedly described the 'Dagestani handcuff' move named after Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Bisping was watching Maurice Green come back for a late win over Gian Villante when the Mancunian nonchalantly described the lock being used by the victorious heavyweight as a version of the restricting move which is a hallmark of lightweight champion Nurmagomedov's tactics.

As the heavyweight pair grappled in the closing seconds of the fight, Bisping observed: "He's got the Dagestani handcuff and then he's going to tee off with the right hand."

Former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, who was also on analytical duties, laughed in the background as commentator Jon Anik asked Bisping: "What did you just call that move? I've never heard that."

"Dagestani handcuff – boom," rasped Bisping in reply. "It's what Khabib does all the time. Dom's laughing his head off over here."

Viewers were impressed and entertained by Bisping's turn of phrase. One told him: "I am a huge fan and I mean no disrespect by this but, your greatest contribution to MMA might very well be the term 'Dagestani handcuff'. Amazing."

Another used the phrase to send a taunt the way of Conor McGregor, reminding his sparring partner, Dillon Danis, of Nurmagomedov's successful use of the move when he beat the Irishman.

"Remember when your daddy was arrested with the Dagestani Handcuffs?" the fan asked Danis. "Copyright Bisping."

TV presenter and former beauty queen Sameera Khan was one of a number of fans who misheard Bisping. "I just rewatched the fight and Bisping clearly said 'Dagestani handcuff' both times," she said.

"I don’t know how we all heard 'Dagestani handjob' initially. Still funny, though."

Bisping, who replied, "very funny", enjoyed the adulation he received from audiences over the course of the night, including praise for a reference to Dhalsim, the long-limbed fighter from video game Street Fighter.

"I love listening to Bisping call fights," said one watcher. "He's so damn good at it.

"Dude has the uncanny ability to sound not only like a complete pro analyst but also a buddy who's sitting on your couch watching the fights while nursing a beer. Brilliant stuff."

Bisping responded: "Appreciate that. It’s easy with the greatest sport on the planet."

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