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‘I got more exhibitions lined up’: Mayweather announces retirement U-turn after taunting McGregor

‘I got more exhibitions lined up’: Mayweather announces retirement U-turn after taunting McGregor
Days after taunting retiring Irish MMA star Conor McGregor, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr has announced he will be performing his own retirement u-turn with a string of exhibitions in the near future.

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Forty-three-year-old Mayweather was talking to former foe Zab Judah on Instagram Live when he admitted to having “a couple of exhibitions” in the pipeline to handsomely pay the bills since retiring from the ring after a TKO win over McGregor in 2017.

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Asked whether he will be fighting again soon, Mayweather replied: “No. I got a couple of exhibitions I’m doing. I got a couple of exhibitions, I’m doing little exhibitions overseas. It’s paying though.”

In a 22-year pro career, Mayweathwer became the sport's biggest ever commercial star and was one half of a string of most lucrative pay-per-view fights, flexing maximum financial muscle by forming his own The Money Team (TMT) promotional company and reaping the rewards by making close to $1 billion in his prize fighting career.

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Coming out of retirement in 2020

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Since his final fight with anyone holding a shred of boxing credibility - against Andre Berto in 2015 - Floyd made an initial comeback to break Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 undefeated record by bumping up his unbeaten slate to a round half century by way of a crossover fight with McGregor - although many boxing purists question the bout's legitimacy as a real win.

Beyond retirement, Mayweather has continued to squeeze maximum wealth from his name and status, auctioning his services off for an exclusive exhibition fight on New Year’s Eve 2018, knocking out 22-year-old Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in Tokyo, for the viewing entertainment of a small ringside crowd.


Mayweather even told fans in November last year that we would be coming out of retirement in 2020 and would be working with UFC chief Dana White with an impressive photo of his physique, but the post didn't include any specifics.

Upon the news of McGregor's retirement over the weekend, Mayweather was on hand to chime in on Instagram:

“If I’m not mistaken, didn’t you tell Mike Tyson you could beat me if we fought a second time? Now you’re quitting! I thought you wanted to beat the best? Well, if you decide to come back, I will be waiting to punish you again.”

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