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'See you and your FLACCID CHIPOLATA in the ring!' Katie Hopkins accepts footballer van Aanholt's boxing match proposal

'See you and your FLACCID CHIPOLATA in the ring!' Katie Hopkins accepts footballer van Aanholt's boxing match proposal
Even in these strangest of times, perhaps the weirdest of all internet duals recently saw Katie Hopkins and Dutch footballer Patrick van Aanholt talk of flaccid chipolatas and eventually agree to meet in a boxing match.

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As world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua limped out in support of a Black Lives Matter rally in response to the death of George Floyd in police custody in May in his Watford hometown, the sizeable gap his absence left created a power vacuum in the boxing world. 

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Enter internet warrior Katie Hopkins, the not normally shrinking from the limelight rent-a-gob who seems to become embroiled in just about every debate that can be debated, who countered the Black Out Tuesday social media initiative with her own White Out Wednesday, in which she promised to bare her backside.

Her odd promise was picked up by an incredulous van Aanholt, who responded “I don’t know who she is but WOW… 2020 needs to cancel you”. Bizarrely, Hopkins felt it relevant to describe herself, her skin colour and her religious beliefs when outlining exactly who she is in response.

The Twitter tit-for-tat took an odd turn when Hopkins offered the former Chelsea player to ‘kiss my ring’, which has its own less than adequate connotations. Van Aanholt responded with a proposition of having Hopkins visit Palace’s Selhurst Park training ground to kiss his big toe. 

As the spat gained traction, Van Aanholt promised his followers he would make time for Hopkins later on, calling her “the country’s biggest troll” and warning that he would be “on her”, and the former Chelsea man didn’t disappoint with a tirade of abuse, most notably poking fun at Hopkins' allegedly failed aspirations of being a politician. 

The dust then seemed to settle on their internet dust-up. That was until Van Aanholt received a mocked-up fight image of his face superimposed onto the body of heavyweight contender Luis ‘King Kong’ Ortiz landing a chopping left hand onto Hopkins’ distorted face. “Yo Katie Hopkins round 3 let's gooooooo” and amused Aanholt tweeted baiting Hopkins.

Not one to take threats lying down, a game Hopkins spectacularly hit back with her own shots, even attacking Aanholt’s genitals. “Get the contract, boy. I will sign it and see you and your flaccid chipolata in the ring. I am waiting.”

We’re not quite sure where Hopkins has the authority to speak on manhood, or someone’s lack thereof, but it might have something to do with her Twitter bio proudly proclaiming she is “hung like a baboon”.

Van Aanholt was largely supported for his Twitter war of words with Hopkins, with many rushing to his defence and declaring he was a true left back on account of his being able to 'cancel the right wing'. 

So with the world on the ring of war, maybe a boxing match between two unlikely sparring partners would provide just the right amount of light relief against the backdrop of social and political turmoil. It would at least be worth it to catch a glimpse of what a flaccid chipolata actually looks like.