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6 Jun, 2020 10:51

'Maybe I should send UFC fighters out there to stop this sh*t' – Dana White on George Floyd unrest

'Maybe I should send UFC fighters out there to stop this sh*t' – Dana White on George Floyd unrest

After UFC champion Jon Jones took to the streets of New Mexico to help prevent destruction during the ongoing unrest in the US, promotion boss Dana White has suggested sending more fighters out to quell the violence.

UFC light heavyweight champ Jones recently went viral when a video of the 6ft 4in star was shared showing him confronting a pair of youths carrying spray cans on the streets of Albuquerque amid protests over the death of George Floyd.

In a message accompanying the clip, Jones fumed: "Is this sh*t even about George Floyd anymore? Why the f*ck are you punk a** teenagers destroying our city?"

Now UFC boss Dana White says Jones had exactly the right idea, and has even suggested sending more fighters out onto the streets to combat the rioting.  

"Did you see him [Jones] walking down the streets of Albuquerque, taking spray cans out of kids' hands?" White said on a podcast with former Jackass star Steve-O. 

"Those kids sh*t their pants. I think maybe I should send UFC fighters out on the streets to stop this sh*t," he added, although appearing to be joking.

White is known to be close to US President Donald Trump, so could at least in theory raise the suggestion as beleaguered authorities continue to grapple with the mass destruction after the death of African American man George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.  

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White, meanwhile, has battles of his own to attend to after a pay revolt from some of the UFC's biggest names. 

Longtime light heavyweight king Jones has threatened to walk away from the promotion over his demands for more money for a 'superfight' against heavyweight powerhouse Francis Ngannou.

On Friday, popular welterweight Jorge Masvidal also suggested he could quit the UFC over dissatisfaction with his pay.

White addressed the issue on the Steve-O podcast, saying: "These are the kind of things that happen, everyone wants more money, it's human nature, everyone needs more money."

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