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27 May, 2020 19:05

'He'll need a punch in the throat!' Tyson Fury wants Denzel Washington to play him on screen – and gives movie legend tips (VIDEO)

'He'll need a punch in the throat!' Tyson Fury wants Denzel Washington to play him on screen – and gives movie legend tips (VIDEO)

Tyson Fury will be played by screen icon Denzel Washington if the heavyweight boxing champion can persuade film bosses during talks about a film verson of his life – but he says the actor might need to take a punch to the throat.

Fury believes his unmistakable gravelly voice could be a challenge for the “Hollywood directors” he claims to be in discussions with over a biopic of his remarkable life inside and outside the ring, adding that his favored actor for the part will be recreating the deep sound of a throat damaged by years of fighting.

Screen great Washington has portrayed the likes of Malcolm X during an acting career as glittering as Fury’s has been between the ropes, but the first heavyweight in history to have held five titles at once believes the two-time Golden Globe winner will require all of his versatility to play him on the big screen.

"I've got a movie coming,” Fury explained to BT Sport.

“I'm in talks with Hollywood directors now for the Tyson Fury life story. They asked, 'Who would you want to play you?' I said, 'Obviously Denzel.’

“I’ve always wanted it to be Denzel. He’s good enough to play anybody, isn’t he? I’m not sure if he can do the husky voice, though – he’ll need a punch in the throat to do that and a congealed blood clot for the last four years.”

Fury will follow in the footsteps of one of his heroes, Muhammad Ali, if he becomes the subject of a major cinema release, although Washington would have to pile on the pounds – as Will Smith did to play Ali in 2001 – to match Fury’s giant frame.

Even if Fury’s film plans fail, the colorful 31-year-old is in talks for another series of his Gypsy King documentary, which was well received when it aired on UK television earlier this year, and has other small screen suitors.

“I was offered parts on a couple of very well-known series which I can’t divulge,” he confided, adding that he wanted their identities to be “a big surprise”.

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“At the moment, nothing can be thought about really seriously because it’s all for the future.

“But then again I might just get a fight date, go into training camp, wham, bam, slam. Next thing you know I’m back home, sipping a beer, back to reality sitting in the garden.”

Fury’s resounding win over Deontay Wilder on February 23 was the most high-profile fight to take place before boxing was suspended as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He is thought to have lined up a rematch with the vanquished Wilder in July before the likelihood of hosting fights this summer became uncertain. Fans are also hoping he will take on the winner of fellow Briton Anthony Joshua’s fight with Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev.

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