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'An unfinished song': father of Russian skater Anna Shcherbakova says he’d regret it if she’s forced to retire at 17

'An unfinished song': father of Russian skater Anna Shcherbakova says he’d regret it if she’s forced to retire at 17
The father of Russian quad-jumping prodigy Anna Shcherbakova said he would be upset if his daughter is forced to retire at an early age, after spending just a few seasons at senior level.

Stanislav Shcherbakov outlined that along with executing incredible technical content his daughter also produces stunning artistic impressions, creating a true spectacle on the ice.

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In contrast to many skaters who fully concentrate on technical aspects of their routines, Shcherbakova has always been praised for the unforgettable images she creates on the ice.

“If she retires at 17 I would be really upset,” Stanislav Shcherbakov said. “Along with being a quad-jumping skater she is also a great artist. Interpreting stories on the ice is her forte. But when you are 17 and even 20 it’s early to take up some of the roles. They will not suit you.


This would be an unfinished song regardless of the titles she could win by that age. Figure skating is a young sport. Kids start training at the age of three and enter senior competitions when they are 15,” he added.

Shcherbakova is widely regarded is one of the most talented and technically gifted skaters of her generation, who is also expected to fight for podium places at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

The 16-year-old has already won two national titles and earned a silver medal at her first-ever European championship.

In 2019, as a junior skater, she claimed gold at the national championship, leaving behind more decorated rivals, including world champions Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvvedeva.

Shcherbakova has been training in Eteri Tutberidze’s group, which is nicknamed “the factory of champions”