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20 May, 2020 09:48

US soccer star Megan Rapinoe takes aim at Donald Trump: 'We have a WHITE NATIONALIST in the White House'

US soccer star Megan Rapinoe takes aim at Donald Trump: 'We have a WHITE NATIONALIST in the White House'

United States women's national team star and World Cup winner Megan Rapinoe has taken a direct shot at President Donald Trump, labeling him a "white nationalist," and hinted that she might run for office herself.

Speaking to VICE TV, Rapinoe took aim at the United States' Commander-In-Chief with a stinging verbal attack, saying, "We have a white nationalist – I think – in the White House.

"And, the spewing of hate and the 'other-ing' of the rest of the country has only led to more rife between people and more despair and more anxiety and more fear going forward."

Rapinoe has criticized Trump before, telling Trump, "You need to do better," during his presidency and, along with her USWNT teammates, said they would turn down any invitation to visit the White House.

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And in her interview on VICE's "Seat At The Table," she explained that Trump isn't even doing what's best for his own base.

"There's been nothing to ease Donald Trump's base. It's not like he's giving them a bunch of jobs," she continued.

"It's not like he's made life really better for them. He's just given them this false reason why maybe they're not happy with their lives. There's been no sort of path forward."

Following her up-front comments, Rapinoe was then asked if she would ever consider moving into the world of politics once she has hung up her boots and retired from "The Beautiful Game."

"I'm not totally shutting the door, but it seems wild," she said, before saying that if she did ever get into politics, she'd be aiming for the top job.

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"President, of course," she said.

"If I'm going to do it, I want the biggest, baddest post."

Currently, Rapinoe and her USWNT colleagues are embroiled in a legal battle with the governing body of football in the United States, US Soccer, over equal pay for women players.

Their case was partly thrown out by a judge earlier this month, but the team are set to appeal that ruling. However, it was ruled that the team's other claims of inferior treatment with regard to travel, training provisions and accommodation should be upheld and the case taken forward to a trial, which is set to take place on June 16.

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