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Juventus star Paulo Dybala tests positive for coronavirus for 'FOURTH TIME in six weeks'

Juventus star Paulo Dybala tests positive for coronavirus for 'FOURTH TIME in six weeks'
Argentine international forward Paulo Dybala first revealed his Covid-19 diagnosis in mid-March but has since tested positive for the virus a total of four times in the past six weeks, according to reports.

Dybala confirmed on March 21 that he and his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini had contracted the potentially deadly virus and says that now, nearly six weeks later, he is still feeling the effects according to Spanish media. 

The period in which a person is said to recover from the virus was thought to be around two to three weeks for most but, per reports, Dybala is struggling to shake the virus.

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Previously he had provided an update on the symptoms he felt after he, along with Juve teammates Blaise Matuidi and Daniele Rugani, were diagnosed.

"I had stronger symptoms, I got tired very quickly, when I wanted to train, I was short of breath after five minutes," Dybala explained.

"There we noticed that something was not right and through the tests the club did we were told that we were positive.

"From there we had more symptoms, such as cough, tired body and when we slept I felt very cold, but from the club they had told us that we were going to be fine so we had to be calm."

However, he stresses that neither he nor his girlfriend are currently experiencing any symptoms. 

In contrast to Dybala, teammates Matuidi and Rugani have both been given the all-clear by doctors.  

Dybala's new diagnosis comes just days before Serie A teams, including Juventus, are due to resume training amid the postponed season.

It is understood that individual training may take place from May 4, with group training commencing on May 18. At that point it will be decided if there is an opportunity for the season to be completed.

"We need to complete all the discussions to ensure that if we do reach that stage, we'll do so in the utmost safety and security," former Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said.

"We are passionate about sport and don't want our athletes to get sick. I'm passionate for football. Like many Italians, I initially found it strange that the championship could be interrupted or suspended but I think that even the most ardent fan understands that there wasn't an alternative."

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