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26 Apr, 2020 12:25

'Here's my favorite swimwear!' Russian Olympic champ Alla Shishkina shows off tiny outfits she wore in swimming showpieces (VIDEO)

'Here's my favorite swimwear!' Russian Olympic champ Alla Shishkina shows off tiny outfits she wore in swimming showpieces (VIDEO)

Two-time Olympic hero Alla Shishkina has given her followers a glimpse of some of her costumes and kept her creativity flowing during the COVID-19 pandemic, producing a new video to satisfy fans keen to see her favorite outfits.

A gold medalist for Russia in the women's team synchronized swimming at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, Shishkina still cherishes her competition outfits, and opted to showcase eight of them in response to requests from some of her 28,000 fans on Instagram.

The Moscow-based athlete demonstrated some of the rhythm and style that has helped her to secure those glories, smiling and bouncing into the air to the sound of Kriss Kross's rap hit "Jump."

After informing fans that the "spirit of creativity has awoken in me again", Shishkina wrote: "I often get a direct question about how many items of swimwear I have and what my favorites are.

"Here is only a small part of my collection of swimwear – but even so, it turned out fun."

Having been formally honored by the Russian government for her dazzling haul of victories, Shishkina had been hoping to record more wins at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, which were postponed until 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She has admitted that the chance to take part in her final Olympics was unmissable and laughed off talk that she could even compete at Paris in 2024, explaining that she is intent on having children and believes that she will be too old to represent Russia again at 35.

Shishkina has been maintaining her excellent physical condition, keeping busy and entertaining fans during the lockdown caused by the health crisis, regularly posting photos of herself in the gym, trying out routines and even performing the splits while holding a cat aloft.

During her series of extrovert insights into life as an Olympian, Shishkina has revealed that she enjoys taking hot and cold showers, lying on needles, sitting in a hot tub and using a massage roller, all the while encouraging fans to scroll through and like her old social media posts.

She was tested for COVID-19 alongside her teammates three weeks ago but expressed confidence that she would test negative, having stayed at home and subsequently moved into self-isolation with the squad.

Alongside fellow athletes Marina Golyadkina and Polina Komar, Shishkina also used a dog as a weight in a video containing 12 exercises, with the trio passing the pet between one another while performing sit-ups and other moves.

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