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8 Apr, 2020 16:32

Dear sports celebs: No, we don’t want your self-serving nude snaps in self-isolation, we want self-awareness

Dear sports celebs: No, we don’t want your self-serving nude snaps in self-isolation, we want self-awareness

Covid-19 quarantine has starved sports stars of attention, and some have stripped naked in a shameless attempt to grab the lockdown limelight. But the rest of us mere mortals are bored with the crippling lack of self-awareness.

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First we were subjected to the challenge where football’s millionaires, including Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, call each other out to do keepy uppies with toilet toilet rolls while the rest of the world scrambled around supermarkets trying to scrape together enough sanitary sheets to last them the week.

There was also the horrific star-studded singalong of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ orchestrated by actress Gal Gadot, who then proceeded to nonchalantly preach to the world and everyone crowded into it that their ‘superpower’ was to stay at home, from the comfort of her mansion’s walk-in wardrobe flush with designer gear.

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If our window into the lives of the world’s elite wasn’t enough, we are now provided with a front row seat to their own little peep show.

Our favorite famous faces have now decided to forego any clothing at all and rid themselves of their threads and, consequently, of any real understanding of the mood of the general public in a global pandemic.

UFC fighter Paige VanZant has been a prolific producer of self-titled so-called ‘art’ with her boyfriend, which entails stripping off and frollicking around their spacious house and snapping themselves on furniture, in their backyard, or clambering on top of each other all the while being cheekily covered by small household objects and even chips.

Former tennis pro and ex-world top 40 player Ashley Harkleroad jumped on the bare-all bandwagon from her Malibu mansion and gave us a throwback to what made her US Playboy’s first ever tennis professional by posting fully nude and joking that she was “saving money on clothes.”

Harkleroad seemed oblivious to the fact she wasn’t saving any money by not buying new items from currently closed fashion stores and was instead just opting not to wear her own.

The joke was not only transparent - pun wholey unintended - but showed Harkleroad pays little heed to the sobering realness that those without multi-million dollar fortunes are currently facing extreme cost-cutting measures or being furloughed and expecting even worse from an impending global economic crash due to the coronavirus.

Female pro golfer and part-time Instagram model Paige Spiranac, who recently admitted she has no clue why she has been shunned by the more serious golfing world, provided the perfect piece of irony by shooting herself practicing trick shots with her ample cleavage while in quarantine. 

The reality - from which the sporting celebs of Instagram are far removed - is that no one wants to see 'sexy' or quirky photo sessions of multi-millionaires with ample room to exercise within their castles, while the rest of us look forward to a walk to the shop to stretch our legs or are lucky to find enough room at home to execute a push up.

So a message to the few from the many: we don’t need your woke workouts or flesh-bearing attempts at fan pleasing. Rich athletes making a photo album of sexy shots and light-hearted references to how wealth is seeing them through the worst health pandemic in living memory does nothing to appease the millions living in cramped conditions with vulnerable loved ones, worsening physical ailments, severe cash troubles and being forbidden from burying family.

Sheltered in their impregnable bubble however, it is unlikely that they will see the naked truth. And if they did, they’d probably photograph it and put it on Instagram.

By Danny Armstrong