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4 Apr, 2020 11:52

'You are a f*cking absolute moron': UFC legend Michael Bisping accuses 'dumb c*nts' of 'adding to death toll' in coronavirus rants

'You are a f*cking absolute moron': UFC legend Michael Bisping accuses 'dumb c*nts' of 'adding to death toll' in coronavirus rants

Enraged former UFC champion Michael Bisping has torn into coronavirus conspiracy theorists in an expletive-laden series of social media rants, lashing out at 'all you dumb c*nts' after he was told to ‘wake up’.

Losing his cool in an outburst to his following of almost 600,000, former UFC middleweight champion Bisping snapped after being told to “wake up” and see that “the solution is the worse than the disease” in an exchange about the Covid-19 pandemic with an account that had 27 followers.

The riled English analyst, who has published videos of himself DJing, accused gun advocates of being “easily triggered” and urged people to stay indoors during a prolific spell on Twitter while the UK is under lockdown, let rip with a pent-up rant in the early hours of Saturday.

“Look around, people are dying at an alarming rate,” he retorted. “You and people with your STUPID view are the problem. You selfish piece of sh*t. I’ve wanted to say this to many people for a while. There you go, it applies to all you dumb c*nts.”

Bisping had a mixed night of emotions, offering his gratitude and support to medical personnel from Australia and the US and agreeing with one fan who called the Twitter app “toxic.”

Claiming that he would not “argue with idiots,” Bisping embarked on a second tirade in which he pledged as a “last thing”: “Flat earth, fake moon landing, reptile people, these are harmless ridiculous theories, but to claim that this is all a conspiracy to control the world is downright dangerous and you’re adding to the death toll.”

Earlier in the week, the routinely sharp-tongued Bisping plugged the book he released last November, Quitters Never Win: My Life in UFC, and expanded on his frustration with the dizzying array of unlikely theories about the Covid-19 pandemic that have been given a platform by social media.

Asked for his views on UFC 249, which is still scheduled to go ahead despite headlining lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov being unable to take part because of movement restrictions, Bisping accepted he would “sound like a hypocrite” by “looking forward” to the April 18 card.

Calling UFC president Dana White an “expert” in reorganizing fights, Bisping told TSN: “It’s going to take place in a controlled environment. We’re not going to have hundreds of thousands of people getting together and spreading the virus.”

Bisping won 30 of his 39 MMA fights before retiring in 2017 following his defeat to Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Fight Night in Shanghai.

He said his faith in White putting the safety of fighters first stemmed from his own experience when the American sought to deter him from returning to the octagon too quickly after he suffered a detached retina during his defeat to Vitor Belfort in 2013.

The 41-year-old revealed he was wearing only underpants below his t-shirt during his time at home and insisted life in quarantine was “not all doom and gloom” despite his evident irritation with many of the opinions raised on Twitter.

Last month he called Aubrey Huff a “dumb f*ck” after the World Series champion claimed the deadly virus was released by the opposition Democrats party in the US as part of a plan to undermine embattled president Donald Trump and damage the country’s economy.

“Yeah, locked in quarantine,” he replied to the idea of taking a break from Twitter during his latest round of tweets. “Bored as f*ck. It relieves the boredom but you’re right.”

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