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16 Mar, 2020 12:14

'What a dumb f*ck!' UFC legend Bisping tears into MLB hero for bizarre Trump-coronavirus conspiracy theory

'What a dumb f*ck!' UFC legend Bisping tears into MLB hero for bizarre Trump-coronavirus conspiracy theory

UFC legend Michael Bisping has labeled World Series champion Aubrey Huff a “dumb f*ck” for his astounding conspiracy theory the deadly coronavirus was released by The Democrats to harm the US economy and undermine Donald Trump.

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In a peculiar take on the current coronavirus pandemic, Huff, a staunch supporter of US president Trump, accused the Deomcratic party of colluding with the Chinese people to release the killer COVID19 virus to damage the US economy and undermine the achievements of Trump to reach “record highs” on the market.

"Ironic The Democrats blame Donald Trump for the coronavirus. I truly believe the Dems worked with the Chinese to release this virus & in doing so intentionally hurt the economy which Trump had at record highs. Not to mention risking the health of the [world]," the 43-year-old wrote, signing off with the hashtag ‘Evil’.

Huff’s conspiracy theory was widely ridiculed and received a torrent of memes from social media users in response.

The tweet attracted the attention of ex-UFC middleweight champ Bisping, who shut down the conspiracy in typically laconic style. 

“What a dumb f*ck”, the Brit tweeted. Undeterred, Huff was ready to throw down and create some Twitter beef with the UFC Hall of Famer, bizarrely challenging Bisping to a spelling test, which attracted even more derision.

It’s not the first time Huff has come under fire for his sharp views online. In November 2019, Huff posted a viral tweet also in support of Trump in which he was pictured at a gun range holding a used target with multiple bullet holes. 

It was accompanied by the caption: “Getting my boys trained up on how to use a gun in the unlikely event Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump in 2020. In which case knowing how to effectively use a gun under socialism will be a must.”

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Huff enjoyed 13 Major League Baseball seasons in which he turned out for the Tampa Bay Red Devils, Houston Astros, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants, but was banned from the Giants from attending an event commemorating their 2010 World Series championship this year.

In response, Huff penned a scathing statement to the Giants that is still the pinned tweet on his profile in which he defended his “locker room humor” as meaning to be “satirical and sarcastic” and what ironically loosened up the Giants dressing room to help them clinch their World Series title a decade ago.

In a darker side of that 'humor', Huff came under extreme scrutiny this year when he tweeted about invading Iran and kidnapping their women "to feed us grapes, among other things."