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16 Mar, 2020 14:10

Underwear fashion: Female champions strip off to show sports routines in lingerie (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Underwear fashion: Female champions strip off to show sports routines in lingerie (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Four female athletes representing various summer sports have swapped their traditional gear for lace underwear to take part in Agent Provocateur’s new promotional campaign called ‘We play to win’.

The British lingerie retailer invited professional athletes to model their newly-released collection which they claim can be comfortable for every woman. 

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A fire that drives you, and it raises the bar like nothing before. Pushing you harder, faster, stronger. Do it alone. Do it together,” the company captioned the video showing the four athletes in action.

Canadian pole vaulter Alysha Newman was one of the four athletes chosen for Agent Provocateur’s campaign. The reigning Commonwealth Games champion is seen wearing golden chain underwear while showing off her gravity-defying skills.

The athlete who took up the role of a Greek goddess said that the campaign “allowed her to show another side of the beauty of being a woman.”

If not now, then when?! If we don’t push limits, break barriers and expectations, it will do nothing but hold us back from our true selves!” she wrote while posting pictures from the photo session to her Instagram page.

American hurdler and sprinter Queen Harrison-Claye was another athlete portrayed in the company’s commercial video.

The 2015 Pan American Games champion is shown running a track in pink lingerie.

Queen Harrison-Claye makes her moves in power-up pink hero range,” the company wrote.

US rock climbing world champion Sasha Digiulian chose black underwear with stockings to conquer challenging heights for the Agent Provocateur campaign.

British gymnast Georgia Mae Fenton is seen executing a jaw-dropping uneven bars routine while wearing a tight-fitting leotard designed by the company.

At the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast, Fenton won the uneven bars title marking her first significant international victory.