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11 Mar, 2020 11:42

The Gronkinator: NFL legend Rob Gronkowski set for WWE career... but what can we expect?

The Gronkinator: NFL legend Rob Gronkowski set for WWE career... but what can we expect?

NFL icon Rob Gronkowski is reportedly set to sign a contract with the WWE – but could we really see ‘the Gronk’ battle the likes of John Cena and Brock Lesnar as he makes a slam in the world of sports entertainment?

The former New England Patriots tight end and three-time Super Bowl winner is “deep in talks” with the company but is no stranger to the squared circle.

Gronkowski, known for his colorful personality, appeared at WrestleMania 33 to help his ex-football friend Mojo Rawley to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

In typical Gronk fashion, he jumped the barricade, entered the ring at Camping World Stadium and shoulder-charged Jinder Mahal. It was pretty crazy stuff.

Last month, Triple H, the current Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative at WWE, was pictured at one of Gronkowski’s famous beach parties, and the NFL icon is now rumored to enter the ring as soon as WrestleMania 36, according to a report by FS1's WWE Backstage program.

Gronkowski is not the only athlete to transition to the WWE from another sport. Ken Shamrock arrived from the world of MMA, Brock Lesnar was a decorated wrestler and UFC fighter, and the current WWE champion Goldberg came from the same world as Gronk, the NFL.

But what will the 30-year-old American, renowned as one of the greatest NFL players of all time, bring to WWE? And who might he face?


Of course, a match that will pit two former NFL players against one another. At 6ft 6in, Gronkowski possesses all the attributes that a wrestler needs to be successful.

The larger-than-life personality would be an obvious match made in heaven for Goldberg in the road ahead. But considering the champion’s age and declining ability, it might be a tough sell for the audience.


Brock Lesnar

Another WWE superstar who had involvement with an NFL side. Brock Lesnar once tried his arm with the Minnesota Vikings and would offer a physical match for Gronkowski.

Although it might be hard to expect Lesnar to put him over, it is difficult to deny the spectacle it would be.



John Cena

Yes, that’s right. The biggest name in WWE in recent history would be a perfect fit for Gronkowski. The wrestler-turned-actor has the technical ability to work a match with the retired American footballer and the star-power to attract interest.


However, with Cena’s involvement decreasing year on year, it will be difficult to get two faces (good guys, which we expect the Gronk to be) to battle it out.

The Gronkinator?

 A wrestler’s finisher is as important as any aspect in the game. From the People’s Elbow to the Tombstone Piledriver, a showpiece move needs to encapsulate the performer. So what would Gronkowski’s be?

We’ve seen him register a shoulder charge, which is likely to be a familiar sight given his sporting background, but it fails to display razzmatazz like a finisher should.

However, Gronkowski was known for his touchdown celebrations in the NFL, especially the ‘spike’. Could it be transferred into the 20-foot ring? Maybe spike a wrestler? It would make for entertaining television.