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22 Feb, 2020 16:11

Ancient grave circles filled with cremated human bones found under Belgian football pitch

Ancient grave circles filled with cremated human bones found under Belgian football pitch

Two ancient grave circles containing cremated human remains have been discovered by archeologists beneath a football pitch in East Flanders, a province in the north of Belgium.

The playing field of Belgian football club KVV Schelde turned out to be a ceremonial burial ground, which it is believed dates back to the Bronze Age and could be more than 2,000 years old.

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The circles, one of which is 55m in diameter, contain burned human bones and ashes – a burial tradition of the time, done so that the remains wouldn’t attract wild animals.

They may not look spectacular,” said archeologist Clara Thys, “but they point to an ages-old civilization. They also teach us a lot about burial rituals of the time. In those days, the dead were cremated. We have found urns, ashes and burned bones.

After all necessary archeological researches are completed, the circles will be covered with turf once more and the local players will be able to resume training on the field.

Before this happens, the team of scientists who are working on the pitch are trying to collect as much information as possible about the circles and ancient traditions of burying people.