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'Kevin De Bruyne & paella': Oscar winner names Man City ace as dream dinner party guest

'Kevin De Bruyne & paella': Oscar winner names Man City ace as dream dinner party guest
South Korean movie supremo Bong Joon-ho, who scooped the Best Director Oscar for his film ‘Parasite’, revealed his bizarre side even further by naming Kevin De Bruyne as one of his dream dinner party guests.

Parasite grabbed the Best Picture at the 92nd Academy Awards, making history as the first ever non-English-language film to win in that category, as well as bagging Best Original Screenplay and Best International Feature Film.

Before bagging his haul of movie gongs, Joon-ho revealed in a Reddit AMA - an interactive online Q&A - a surprising dinner guest for his dream lineup, alongside some familiar picks from the world of directing.


The question, dated three months ago, read: 'What would be your last supper and which five people would you invite (dead or alive)?'

“[Alfred] Hitchcock, Yuna Kim, Kevin De Bruyne, Martin Scorsese, and Jimmy Page, who was my hero in high school,” the 50-year-old self-sonfessed 'f*cking weirdo' explained.

And what would the eclectic mix of guests of a British horror filmmaker Hitchcock, gangster epic king Scorsese, Olympic gold medal skater Kim and Led Zeppelin founder Jimmy Page be tucking into?

“We are eating Spanish cuisine. Lots of paella,” Joon-ho elaborated.

While it would be logical to guess Joon-ho is a City fan, it may be more reasonable to suggest he liked the idea of the Belgian midfield maestro being turned into his junior lookalike Kevin McCallister from the Home Alone franchise.

It seems there are always six degress of separation.