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'I think it’s inevitable': UFC champion Jon 'Bones' Jones talks up WWE ambitions

'I think it’s inevitable': UFC champion Jon 'Bones' Jones talks up WWE ambitions
Jon Jones, the greatest light heavyweight in history, says it is only a matter of time before his name is counted among those who have competed for both the UFC and WWE after admitting his admiration for the pro wrestling league.

The list of names who have appeared in both mixed martial arts and its pantomime cousin, professional wrestling, is an exclusive one. Of course, Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey have enjoyed tremendous success, winning titles in both pursuits, while others like Matt Riddle, Shayna Baszler and, more recently, Cain Velasquez have also jumped between codes.

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Jones, who defeated Dominick Reyes in a contentious decision in the UFC 247 main event last weekend, would be one of the biggest names yet to cross codes and admitted to Sports Illustrated that an eventual move to WWE isn't unlikely.

"I think it’s inevitable," Jones said. "I've always respected WWE, and I feel like the sports can be so similar."

Indeed, the growth of mixed martial arts over the past quarter century or so has been imbibed with elements of pro wrestling culture, from the glitzy walkouts to the likes of Colby Covington's oft-ridiculed 'heel' persona in the UFC, both of which are elements which signpost the differences between MMA and boxing, for example.

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One only has to look at Brock Lesnar's tremendous drawing power upon entering the UFC in 2009 for evidence of cross-pollination between the two fanbases, though Rousey's recent run in WWE appears to suggest that MMA fans aren't quite as enthusiastic about following their fighters to sports entertainment compared to vice-versa.

That would almost certainly change should Jones, one of the UFC's more controversial characters, make his debut in a WWE ring.

"I have the size and athleticism and the following to transition over really well," Jones said. "To get the opportunity to just show up, even as a special guest, would be a dream come true."

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What's more, Vince McMahon and his WWE cohorts could potentially arrange a program between Jones and Lesnar after years of speculation of Jones' will-he-won't-he move to heavyweight - a fight which was unavailable in the UFC, but should be easier to arrange in the scripted world of professional wrestling.

And you can bet that fans of both codes would be more than interested to see what happens when those two men go face-to-face.