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5 Feb, 2020 17:27

‘It’s offensive’: Russian star Evgenia Medvedeva slams Netflix drama ‘Spinning Out’ for showing figure skaters drinking alcohol

‘It’s offensive’: Russian star Evgenia Medvedeva slams Netflix drama ‘Spinning Out’ for showing figure skaters drinking alcohol

Two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedeva has shared her opinion on the newly-released Netflix drama ‘Spinning Out,’ saying that it was not correct to portray professional figure skaters as alcohol drinkers.

The Russian figure skating star stressed that following the premiere she was bombarded with questions from fans who asked her whether she drinks as heavily as Kat Baker from the ‘Spinning Out’ series.

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Spinning Out’s female lead goes to a bar almost every evening to drink alcohol. This is not correct and this is not true. Figure skaters can’t afford to behave like that. I don’t think that any professional athlete can relax in such a way,” Medvedeva said.

I don’t like it when movie directors show this… I was upset and even offended to some extent, especially when people started writing to me asking whether I’m drinking that much,” she added.

The 2018 Olympic runner-up said that top-class athletes stick to a rigid diet, scrupulously calculating every single calorie consumed. 

When you are getting ready for a top level competition you must calculate every single calorie. You must eat only healthy food to achieve high results,” the 20-year-old athlete said.

Please don’t believe everything you see on TV. Reality is really quite different. We have been working very hard, we love our job and will never do anything to ruin our results.”

Medvedeva who had been Russia’s long-time leader in her field failed to qualify for the national team this year after she withdrew from the national selections due to problems with skates.

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Having missed two major events, including a Grand Prix final and the European championship she has fully concentrated on exhibition shows in Russia and abroad. The skater said she is not planning to retire and will soon start preparation for the new season.