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4 Feb, 2020 10:51

'I will tie one hand behind my back': Colby Covington offers 50 Cent $1m fight and claims he is 'Donald Trump's favorite fighter'

'I will tie one hand behind my back': Colby Covington offers 50 Cent $1m fight and claims he is 'Donald Trump's favorite fighter'

Colby Covington has inflamed a row over his defeat to Kamaru Usman at UFC 245 by challenging 50 Cent to a $1 million fight in which the welterweight world number two would fight with a hand of the rapper's choice behind his back.

In a patriotic rant during his first interview since losing to Kamaru Usman at UFC 245 in Las Vegas in December, Covington described himself as “Donald Trump’s favorite fighter”, denied he had broken his jaw in the defeat and called 50 Cent a “little b****” who “wouldn’t get back up” if he shot him.

The chart-topper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, reposted a meme after the fight accusing Covington of racism for his remarks about Usman, adding: “Well, look at the bright side – you won’t say the wrong thing or anything for the next six weeks.”

Asked about his jaw, Covington told ESPN MMA: “Nah, does my jaw look broken? I’ve been smiling.

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“The only person that has his jaw wired shut is 50 Cent. If you want to talk about people who had to get their jaw wired shut let’s talk about him.”

Questioning a shooting incident involving Jackson in 2000, Covington sneered: “He says he got shot nine times. If you got shot one time by me you wouldn’t get back up.

“He came out after the fight talking mad crap on me. So I want to propose a celebrity boxing match.

“I will tie one hand behind my back and put up a million of my dollars to fight 50 Cent in a celebrity boxing match.”

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Speaking under a photo of US President Trump while wearing a hat carrying the message “Keep America Great”, Covington also slated the UFC and Nevada State Athletic Commission.

He pledged the proceeds of a fight with 50 Cent, who also had a social media spat with Conor McGregor in 2018, to the military, explaining: “I am going to donate all the money to the troops because I love the troops so much.

“I want to fight 50 Cent. He can pick which hand I put behind my back because both are lethal. I’ve got Bugattis in both hands.”