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3 Feb, 2020 12:18

Footballer tries to kick fan in the HEAD but injures teammate during pitch invasion in Brazil (VIDEO)

Footballer tries to kick fan in the HEAD but injures teammate during pitch invasion in Brazil (VIDEO)

A Brazilian midfielder aimed a wild kick at the head of a pitch invader before missing and injuring his teammate who had wrestled the supporter to the floor during furious scenes at the end of a fiery state competition derby.

Bruno Silva rushed from the bench and swung his foot at the head of the fallen fan who had been tripped to the turf by reserve goalkeeper Gledson after angrily confronting Avai players during their 2-0 win at arch rivals Figueirense.

The ferocious kick missed its target but reportedly left shocked stopper Gledson requiring an ice pack on his face after Silva accidentally clumped his compatriot while police tried to regain control of the situation.

Footage from the stands shows supporters breaking through a perspex barrier in an attempt to evade baton-wielding military police and join the prolonged scrap on the sidelines, which caused the Campeonato Catarinense clash to be held up for more than 20 minutes.

Tensions were already high before the visitors established a commanding lead with two late goals, causing the experienced Silva to allegedly goad home supporters at the Estadio Orlando Scarpelli.

The topless fan reached the technical area after being enraged by gestures made by Bruno, who was described by Bolívia Zica as "a coward" and accused of kicking the immobilized guy’s head on the ground."

Silva was substituted during the second half and reported by Time24 to have claimed fans were moaning, telling them: I didn’t provoke you. I respect Figueirense. We just have to celebrate our victory.

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The encroacher appeared to be unscathed as he was forcibly led away by police alongside another supporter.

Players and officials gathered on the pitch and were protected by a military guard before the final few minutes of the match resumed.