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29 Jan, 2020 14:04

Jorge Masvidal says he has Conor McGregor worked out: 'I see a lot of holes' (VIDEO)

Jorge Masvidal says he has Conor McGregor worked out: 'I see a lot of holes' (VIDEO)

The UFC's "BMF" champion Jorge Masvidal was cageside to watch Conor McGregor's 40-second win over Donald Cerrone, and says he has the Irishman all worked out if the pair ever meet inside the octagon in the future.

Masvidal was appearing on The Rich Eisen Show in his home town of Miami, where he chatted to Eisen about a variety of topics, from Florida food to his pre-school fights to his reason for avoiding watching television.

But the most interesting segment came early on in the conversation, when Eisen pressed Masvidal on why a matchup between him and returning UFC superstar McGregor hadn't been booked by the UFC's matchmakers.

"The UFC has a president... and when they asked him why the fight's not happening, he said it in the nicest way possible and he said I was too much man for him, meaning I'm too much man for him, I can't ask this guy to fight me. It is what it is."

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When pressed on why the UFC wouldn't want to make the fight – which is capturing the imagination of the fans, if not the UFC's top brass – Masvidal said it was understandable, because he holds all the aces.

"My will, my size, my determination, mixed in with I'm not a quitter – I've never tapped in my life – he knows it's a different type of dog over here. I'm too much man for him in every way it could possibly be said. Our management have been talking back and forth. It's not in their future. It's not something that they want."

Masvidal's confidence comes from watching McGregor both up close and on tape, and the Miami native said he just knows that he has everything in his skillset to exploit the holes he sees in the Irishman's game.

"It's just math to me, man, and when I see Conor, I see a lot of holes from a technical standpoint," he said.

"(If) I'm a coach and I'm advising my athlete the best way to beat this guy, I see many math scenarios there. I see X's and O's, I see the square root of his face times my knuckles, I see all these things constantly.

"This is like the only thing I'm a savant at. When it comes to fighting, everybody here has a number on their face, division, multiplication. It's just something that God gifted me with, so I'm really good at it.

"Not that his game is not good, because his game is great, but when I do the math and I see the numbers in my head and I see the openings that I can take advantage of, I lean towards me very heavy."

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That view, it seems, won't be tested any time soon, with McGregor looking set to challenge Khabib Nurmagomedov for his UFC lightweight title in a rematch of the ill-tempered UFC 229 clash between the pair that Nurmagomedov won by fourth-round submission.

But if McGregor ever did decide to return to the welterweight division, Masvidal made it very clear who the boss was at 170 pounds.

"Go do your thing," he said.

"Go back down to your division, do whatever you're gonna do, whether you're gonna win or lose, that's none of my business.

"Go do your stuff. But at 170, there's only one sheriff in town."

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