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20 Jan, 2020 18:14

A classic double KO! Thai fighters sent to floor after landing the same punch at the same time (VIDEO)

A classic double KO! Thai fighters sent to floor after landing the same punch at the same time (VIDEO)

From Tyson Fury uppercutting himself in the face to Conor McGregor finishing off his opponents within seconds, few novelties are as unique to ringcraft as the double knockdowns that occasionally send both fighters to the canvas.

A pair of Muay Thai mavericks caught each other with concurrent hooks as they marched to the center of the ring at a contest in Thailand over the weekend.

The fighters had grappled briefly before each advanced with menace and successfully sent their opponent to the floor.

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Neither knockdown artist was beaten by the blow they received, although it is unclear whether they lasted the required ten count to renew hostilities.

After a brief breather, the fighters returned to their feet and made their way back toward different corners of the ring.

An orange-shirted referee in tracksuit trousers stepped in between them while they recovered and then appeared to deem the rivals ready to return to action.

Wearing red shorts in front of an amazed crowd, one of the combatants can be seen stumbling groggily back toward the ropes, having used them to climb off the deck.

The comedic clip was taken by a tourist and has entertained viewers worldwide after spreading quickly across social media.

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