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17 Jan, 2020 11:03

'COWARDS': McGregor and Cerrone feel the wrath of PETA for 'bragging' about wearing animal skin

'COWARDS': McGregor and Cerrone feel the wrath of PETA for 'bragging' about wearing animal skin

Animal rights watchdog PETA has hit out at Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone following their discussion about snakeskin jackets during the UFC 246 press conference, calling on the fighters to stop wearing exotic animal skin.

McGregor complimented Cerrone on the dark snakeskin jacket he wore to the media engagement at the Palms Casino Resort late on Wednesday, to which the American quipped back that, "I’m sure PETA might be here because I got rattlesnakes on and python."

McGregor, who has also worn animal hides in the past, revealed that he has drawn the wrath of the group due to some of his more flamboyant fashion choices.

"Python, good man. PETA have a warrant out for me, they’re coming for me, too," McGregor said.

"We don’t want trouble with Peta. We’ll get to that another day."

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It didn't take very long for the animal rights group to respond on social media, writing to both fighters to make clear their opposition to both men's fashion choices.

"You’re right! We ARE here—to remind you that only COWARDS would brag about wearing an animal who was likely beaten & skinned alive," the wrote.

"Why don’t you knock out your insecurities and only wear your OWN skin?"

Elaborating on their comments with a statement to Irish media, PETA said: "Cerrone and McGregor may be known for being tough guys in the Octagon, but the ultimate challenge for these fighters would be to watch PETA's stomach-turning exposés, which show workers peeling snakes' skin off while they're still conscious. 

"Pythons, who are taken from their jungle homes, are often nailed to trees and skinned alive so that their skins can be turned into coats, shoes, belts, and bags.

"Many of them suffer for hours or days as they slowly die.

"PETA will be writing to the pair with information and a simple request: be a fighting champ for animals and knock exotic skins out of your wardrobe."

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This isn't the first time that PETA has expressed opposition towards MMA superstars. Last year, the group hit out at UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov after videos appeared online showing the Russian fighter 'wrestling' with a bear tethered to the ground by a chain.