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12 Jan, 2020 11:15

Spitting mad: Ravens lineman Yanda accuses Titans' Simmons of SPITTING in his face during NFL Playoffs clash (VIDEO)

Spitting mad: Ravens lineman Yanda accuses Titans' Simmons of SPITTING in his face during NFL Playoffs clash (VIDEO)

The aftermath of the Tennessee Titans' shock NFL Playoffs win over the Baltimore Ravens included an unsavory claim, as Ravens' offensive lineman Marshal Yanda accused opposite number Jeffery Simmons of spitting in his face.

Speaking after the game, which the Titans won 28-12, veteran lineman Yanda accused defensive lineman Simmons of the distasteful act during the second or third quarter.

"I just want to put him on notice, in the media – I've never done this in my career," Yanda said.

"There's a right way and a wrong way to play football, and that guy did not do it the right way today.

"So the refs and everybody in the NFL need to put him on notice. Like I said, I've never been spit in my face, and I literally got spit right in my face by No. 98."

Yanda explained that he approached the game officials about the incident, and also spoke to Simmons' teammate Jurrell Casey in an attempt to get the Titans' first-round draft pick to calm down and play within the boundaries of decency during the game.

"I told Jurrell to get your guy, because that's ridiculous," he said.

"I definitely respect Jurrell, and I wanted to let him know to get your guy, because that was just, like I said, that's not acceptable in this game."

He also said that Simmons was: "Saying some stuff today that was just ridiculous conduct for the NFL. So I just want to put him onnocite. That was ridiculous conduct that I got."

It is not the first spitting row Yanda has been embroiled in during his career. While he was the victim of the alleged spitting incident on Saturday, Yanda was himself accused of spitting at Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict during the Ravens' 24-21 win over the Bengals in November 2018.

Video evidence showed him spitting, but Yanda claimed it "100 percent" was not aimed at Burfict and didn't hit on the player.

"I take a lot of pride in my character and how I was raised and the things I do day in and day out," Yanda said at the time.

"I would never, ever, spit on another man, another person, another individual – ever. On the field, off the field, never. That's not the way I was raised, that's not the way I raise my kids."

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